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Coffee of winners never gets cold – ‘Politics an art of possibilities’

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

What situation led to the recent capriciousness of Turkey? Is it mere coincidence or was it caused by certain inferences and details? Writing a political article concerning international policies is absolutely different from writing a poem, fiction and expressing thoughts and humanitarian emotions.

You will be using words to describe victims, killings, explosions, air strikes, reconciliatory conferences and meetings to mend the clothes of future incidents within the blood-stained territories! It is impossible for me to talk to you about the recent policy of Turkey without reminding you of several incidents including a terrorist attack in Ankara, division of a popular area in Istanbul and last but not the least the recent incident at Ataturk Airport which claimed many civilian lives.

Due to this, we should bear that in mind as a prominent factor at the beginning of every line. There is an adage among the Arabs of Al-Sham which is — “Coffee of winners never gets cold”. Yes, that interesting adage is applicable to those who are given the file of Turkey in relation with the terrorist cells. In other words, it indicates blood, so another form of this saying is — “Blood of civilians never gets cold”

The terrorist plans and muscle-flexing operations continue with monitoring the latest development against Assad regime and its allies as a prelude to pressing button of that terror, which has never been cold since the beginning of the sinister Arab Spring! Going back to the recent decisions taken by Turkey, it is evident that the pressure on Turkey is enormous such that it could be more than its capacity.

They include influx of refugees, provocations by Russia along the border and incessant warnings from  Assad’s allies over the stances of Turkey’s leaders. We should not forget continuous operations of the Kurdish opposition parties.

In such situations, political strategists in Turkey will look for best possible solutions that can guarantee the safety of public interests even if it means pragmatic policy must be adopted to help in finding an acceptable solution. Politics is an art of possibilities. What you get today will fi ll your balance tomorrow.

Obviously, I don’t mean politics “dances on contradictions”. Politics based on principles never changes even though the details change as per developments that rely on factors which do not disturb public safety and firmness of principles.

We have seen the reaction to the developments related to Ankara and Tel Aviv working out an agreement of which there is no winner or loser.

This was followed within hours by statements between Ankara and Moscow, which surprised a lot of people who forgot or pretended to forget that Turkey is moving on a tight rope such that any slip up can lead to its fall into the political sea which is laden with terrorism and bloodshed as well as threat to stability.

Regarding the last position towards the Assad regime preceded by stories of ‘Turkinization’ and naturalization of Syrians, there are no details yet that can clarify the future plan of the difficult Turkish path. There are a lot of people who think that the current changes are a result of the infl uence of the new Prime Minister Ali Yildrim. I want to affirm that this is not true. With the presence of Erdogan and his charismatic personality, there will be only one voice which is his voice.

Remember Abdullah Gul who left after presidency followed by Davutoglu who tried frivolously to get premiership? The personality of a president does not find for others; although there is infl uence from Mahmut Lildrim, it is not actually effective.

It seems the conduct of Erdogan lately is the preliminary step towards his country becoming a member of the European Union. I consider this difficult to achieve.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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