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Monday , November 29 2021

Closed … and worrying

“SOMETIMES, leaders do the opposite of fighters’ intent in the battlefield.”

In the past days, I have been trying to get ideas to write an article but as it appears, I wasn’t prepared to write and I did not find any reason that stopped me from doing so, apart from lack of ideas.

Currently, the main event is the unfortunate Gulf crisis. This idea, or rather topic, is palatable to write about due to several considerations, at least, according to me.

It is true that I wrote about the ongoing Gulf crisis in the past, but it wasn’t in a direct manner. I thought writing in a manner that the reader has to decipher the idea behind the article is taxing, especially for the keen reader.

It is worth mentioning that the topic of this article, ‘closed and worrying’, refer to two things: the first one — closed — indicates the condition of Arabs’ mouths which they only open when they go to the dentist, while the second word — worrying — is often used by former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

As long as we are still ‘closed and worrying’, these two words unify the condition in which the Gulf crisis is being comprehended by politicians and the ordinary people.

The crisis is being dealt by politicians, especially the senior ones, in a closed manner, while the ordinary people of the region are following up events in a worrying manner.

In a bid to cast a stone at still waters which run deep, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to meet Saudi officials led by King Salman. They discussed the way forward in resolving the Gulf crisis.

The way it appears, the meeting did not produce any sweet fruit, considering the dullness of welcome and farewell ceremonies for the Turkish President in Saudi Arabia. It is a clear indication that the solution will only come from Kuwait.

However once they reach for the solution, it should be radical along with strong new pillars that will hold the Gulf firmly and in a better manner than before, or else, any patch up solution will be similar to the end of an episode and then waiting for a new one to start.

As it appears, I have written again about the Gulf crisis, but I am sure that only the ordinary people will read it and no official will even look at it. If politicians and country officials are reading articles like this, crises such as the one the region is enduring would not have happened, given that most of the crises in the region are ‘childish’ as described by one of the senior foreign affairs ministers.

Political crises are always seen as an attempt to reassure those who are worrying about repercussions of such incidents. But in our world, the Arab world, such crises boil in closed quarters to the extent that even a ‘real’ political analyst fails to understand the main cause of the political rift.

Nonetheless, the main thing which the ongoing worrying crisis has established is being closed in the sense that there is no official information about it and the ordinary people are completely distant as it boils up, or rather calms down, let alone the lack of transparency which is only written on pages. Last but not the least, the need to adorn words and tailor phrases carefully.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi


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