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Tuesday , September 21 2021

Fawaz Alkhateeb

‘Extremist groups promoting terror beliefs must face law’

With the current developments in the Middle East and Afghanistan, press coverage of terrorism suggests that the term refers to the actions of large groups …

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Protesting is a lucid right, not a puzzling or a controversial one

Attorney Dr. Fawaz Alkhateeb Last week, a university professor was assaulted by police during a peaceful protest in Al Erada Square in front of the …

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Tweeting is like walking in a minefield in Kuwait

The more you tweet and post on social media in Kuwait and the Middle East, the more you may face crucial criminal procedures and probably …

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Stop hate crime and discrimination!

Four years ago, I had a strange business meeting with a western institution operating in the Education sector in Kuwait. The meeting took place in …

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Would you risk 6 months jail for reckless behavior?

While driving my car to work, especially on highways, I have often noticed that many children seated in the front seats or the middle seats …

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Why are ‘vaccinated’ expatriates banned from traveling back while Kuwaitis are not?

Lawyer Dr. Fawaz Al-Khateeb asserts that the Circular No. 27/2021 issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) regarding permitting only the immunized citizens to …

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Deportation of Expats without judicial supervision is unfair and contradicts the Constitution

Lawyer Dr. Fawaz Al-Khateeb said that the recent statement by the Ministry of Interior regarding the deportation of expatriates participating in support sit-ins for Jerusalem …

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Lawyer Fawaz Alkhateeb calls for the abolition of Law No. (44/1968) which prohibits eating in public places during fasting in Ramadan

Because of a constitutional suspicion and five other reasons Attorney Dr. Fawaz Alkhateeb The law violates many articles in the Kuwaiti Constitution and contradicts the …

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Taher Law Firm executes 2 cooperation deals with 2 Chinese firms

Agreement aims to meet the needs of market with specialized services KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: Taher Group Law Firm for advocacy and advisory services (Lawyers …

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‘Illegal to arrest lawyer while performing his official duties’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 3: Chairperson of the permanent Defense Committee in Kuwait Lawyers Society Attorney Fawaz Al-Khateeb said it is illegal to arrest a lawyer …

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