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Camp of rational, logical resistance

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT seems that the third world has one and the same mentality; there is no difference between one society and the other.

The manner in which US intelligence labeled every Arab revolution in the past, starting with July 23, 1952 coup in Egypt and its subsequent effect shows the same mentality constantly dominates people with hostile and adventurous schemes.

In fact, the same mentality became the basis of the speech of those who currently call themselves the “resistance camp”.

In 1950s when Abdul Nasser was in dispute with the Soviet Union, he was accused by the Arab leftists of being the product of CIA (Central American Intelligence) that shore him up to become the leader of the people amid his slogans and political bearing.

That’s why he received no popular Arab opposition on his proposal to mend relations with Israel in 1954, despite the idea was only a ‘life vest’, given that Israel was just looking for a loophole of dialogue with the Arabs, while Arabs at the moment are striving to establish peace with Israel after the latter turned its back on them. In those days, people who called themselves ‘Arab revolutionists’ fell in the trap of the Soviet-US cold war, and carried umbrellas whenever the skies in Moscow became cloudy. Abdul Nasser became the resistant revolutionary leader when he mended relations with the Soviet Union.

Today, the tone of accusations of the so-called Arab Revolutionists remains the same and hasn’t changed with global development. The only new aspect in their way of thinking is to include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the list of culprits — according to the ‘resistance’, while nobody in the Arab world knows the basis or objective of their socalled resistance. The recent turn of events is down to Iran’s hostility toward Saudi Arabia ever since it took power in 1979.

Iran assumes that the kingdom is conspiring against her—even as the latter continues to conspire and perpetrate disgraceful acts of terrorism against the kingdom. As a matter of fact, the mentality of Iranian regime is a clear sign of lack of confidence in itself and its slogans and political scheme. It is also an attempt to turn the focus of the people from its internal crises.

Ever since the Mulla regime assumed power in 1979, they have failed to fix what the revolution made a mess of— in terms of the economy and social welfare, coupled with international isolation that compelled them to resort to several slogans on liberating Jerusalem; striving to defeat the United States of America they once called “the great Satan”; annihilating the Zionist regime, which Khomeini described as “cancerous gland”, and of course, adding to the list — “revolution export”.

Iran considers all GCC members to be its primary enemies in the region. All this is meant to divert the attention of its people from the awful internal circumstances. Throughout the years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — in her pioneering position in the Arab and Muslim world —along with other GCC members has followed the ‘good neighborhood politics’ with hope that Iranian regime would let go of its revolutionary frivol.

Instead, Iran continues to dig deeper in its terrorist tendencies —as it tore asunder Iraq with sectarian war and massacres committed directly or indirectly through its mercenaries. “It kills and then attends the funeral procession of its victim” due to its political foolishness, and the case is similar in Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

In the midst of chaos, Iran continues to claim that she’s confronting Saudi Arabia’s scheme backed by United States of America and Israel in order to control the entire Arab world, knowing her actions are founded on false allegations that are no longer applicable in this era of vast technological advancement where events are broadcast live on air.

Today, Iran’s media and its Arab dissonance mouthpieces have yet to find means to get to Saudi apart from the visit of a Saudi national to Jerusalem. Funny enough, the Iranian media portrayed the individual initiated visit as normalization of Saudi-Israeli relations. Campaigns of this nature have never and will never change the image of Iran in the eyes of Arabs and Muslims.

In fact, the extent at which Iran is mentality retarded has become a source of mockery, which further isolates the regime and its associate gangs drenched in sectarianism and sedition and continue dwelling in the medieval ages

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Email: ahmed@aljarallah.com

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