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Thursday , April 22 2021

‘Boycott bubble to burst’

Marine Le Pen (born in 1968) is a French politician and an extreme right-wing European parliamentarian and a strong rival for Macron in the upcoming French elections. She is the head of the National Front Party, and perhaps the happi-est woman in France, after the heinous wave of assassinations her citizens were subjected to by Muslim extremists.

The conquests (terrorist operations) of Nice and Paris, hundreds of them, succeeded in spreading “Islamophobia”, or the collective fear of Islam and Muslims, throughout Europe and the world, and inciting them against us as a result of what is happening in their cities in terms of killing, destruction and sabotage, and even closing streets to perform prayers, and disrupting their interests.
All this happened just because a party chose to publish satirical and poor cartoons in idea, with no value, and no one knew about them until we started ending people’s lives in their offices, and slaughtering them in the streets and in-side churches.
This also resulted in causing harm to the Muslims of France and Europe and pushed the authorities there, for the first time, to close dozens of mosques, schools, societies and religious centers, and consequently tens of thousands of Muslims who run them lost their jobs and were prevented from receiving any financial aid from abroad in future. Im-migration laws and dealing with Muslims in these countries will be more stringent.

It is very strange that many think that ridiculous and poor cartoons can harm the reputation of a prophet who has a billion and a half followers. Why do we not take the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a model example when he for-gave his offenders by saying: ‘Go, you are free?’
Why did these people who got furious over the cartoons turned a blind eye and did nothing when the Uyghur Mus-lims in China are exposed to all sorts of prejudices and harm, and likewise the Rohingya Muslims, refugees of Pales-tine, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan, who have been sleeping for decades in the open without a future, dignity or edu-cation.
Aren’t the images of their sufferings more cruel and pathetic than the cartoons of a drunken French journalist? They say that the most powerful weapon in existence against mediocrity is the weapon of indifference, and this is what liv-ing peoples do with everyone who offends them.

The cries and demands to boycott French products diminished, and those who are naïve woke up from their deep sleep to discover that the issue is not the launch of slogans and demonstrations and the hoisting of banners, but ra-ther strength, determination, production, progress and freedom, all of which are not available with us.
Many parties have acted stupidly and caused great losses to innocent suppliers, only because they had previously im-ported French products to sell on the local market.
The destruction of these products was often in the interest of the French manufacturer, who will produce more and sell them to us, and the destroyed products will end in the garbage, so what did we benefit from all of that?
It is unfortunate now that cooperative societies from specific geographical areas, which were more enthusiastic than others in defending our religious symbols, have begun to offer bribes to some suppliers to re-supply them with French products which were previously thrown in the garbage.

We will all discover, and inevitably too late, that the boycott was not rational but rather a bubble, and we did not learn from its lessons and from the destruction of a few tons of food and other materials produced by France, leaving hun-dreds of other materials without boycott because we are in dire need of them, like medicines and weapons.
Is there anything more ridiculous than this situation?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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