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Body profiteers and ‘El-Sayed Al-Morr’

‘I lived believing that the sick is not merely about the description of the doctor, but of the human. Treatment is not about remembering the prescription, but to understand the pain being shared by the sick and the ears that you give. Practice sincere empathy and compassion which are lost in the whole world that has become narrow despite its vastness,’ Egyptian poet and medical doctor Ibrahim Nagi (1898-1953).

During my childhood I used to imagine a doctor having an angel’s wings as portrayed by our limited minds. As I grew up, the wings got smaller gradually in my mind until it disappeared. This happened rapidly, especially whenever I see a body trade advertisement coated with medical legitimacy.

Given that we are in a society where intentions and actions ripple, we believe that whatever doctors say is sacred and uncontested despite our conviction that the values of the medical profession are sometimes compromised and detached from its humanitarian nature.

This is reflected in the increasing number of cosmetic clinics in our eastern societies which take the inner form of butcher shops, yet they are pieces of irrefutable evidence that the humanity of medicine is deteriorating considering the sight of mutilated body parts in drainage corridors.

This ‘mutilation’ is embraced under the pretext that, “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.” It is also legally covered as medicine transforms from a profession of wisdom and conscience of feeling pain empathically to a lucrative business devoid of the supposed conscience.

This has expanded to make our bodies and spirits under the mercy of people who, by default, are supposed to protect them by curing and preventing elements which destroy our bodies.

Today, some of those who frequent the medicine club have transformed into tools for mutilating noses, a part of the stomach and a bone in our ribcage. In the form of a marketing rally, hospitals boast of having luxurious maternity wards where birth parties are held in a place which is supposed to be a place for recovery, not for showing off.

When it comes to the cost of surgeries, we find that prices continue to skyrocket and take the form of an eagle hunting the patient as if every patient possesses wealth meant for paying the doctor for the pain and suffering endured by the sick. Despite the development and improvement of treatment and the safety and technical procedures, some still complicate the entire issue.

I believe that an intellectual and a doctor should set high standard of humanitarian dealings in their societies, since the intellect comes from awareness and the doctor helps in bettering the health of others. Please do not misunderstand me, we are not here against them in terms of earning their living through their services, but we are just puzzled and we wonder about the exorbitant prices.

Between the pile of exploits and profiteers in this materialistic field, I coincidentally came across a noble thread of humanity coming from the white lab coats with three pockets.

This thread took me to a very fascinating doctor. His name is Dr El-Sayed El-Morr, the son of the Egyptian city known as Zagazig in Lower Egypt, situated in the eastern part of the Nile delta, the capital of the governorate of Sharqia.

This man opened his clinic with a heart full of spiritual conviction that the medicine profession is a humanitarian profession and anyone who cannot afford it will get free medical care and medicines.  This is neither a dream in the mentality of the Middle East nor a borrowed lie. It is an unbelievable reality, particularly in this era where the heavier your pockets are the more respect you get.

Dr El-Sayed El-Morr is not a millionaire for him to donate his efforts and his services are not temporary for the sake of attracting attention. This man is simple and very human.

I wish I was a man so I could shake his hand and kiss his forehead in honor and respect for his endeavor. I am an eastern woman hungry for such virtues in a society which lacks principles and looks forward to satisfy the thirst from the gallantry’s spring.

All the characteristics of chivalry are in this man whose initiative is supported by his colleagues. Dr El-Morr is an internal medicine consultant – gastroenterology and liver. He specialized in Hepatology in Zagazig University. Whenever he cannot treat his patients, he refers them to his colleagues who offer their services for free. If the fee is high, the treatment is given at the lowest cost. In front of his clinic, this skillful doctor put a banner which says, “Free medical consultation and check-up, Wi-Fi and drinks for the patients.” This is an absolute disrobing of those who exploit and defraud people’s bodies and spirits.

Goodness and greatness come from Egypt, in front of Quds Mosque along Mansoura Street – the location of the clinic of this wonderful man.

Oh doctor, we send to you from the land of peace – the State of Kuwait, to the lungs of the Middle East – the Great Egypt, the best greetings, appreciation and gratitude. May Almighty Allah increase your blessings.

By Intisaar Al-Maatouq



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