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Bit of shame … lot of tolerance

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

IN AN unprecedented incident, a gang of Arab men attacked scores of women at a train station in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. According to the news, the gang consisted of Arab migrants — most of whom came from North Africa — who robbed, groped and tore the German women’s underwear in a public place on the night before New Year.

We do not want to imagine any foreigner residing in an Arab or Islamic country as a migrant worker committing a dishonorable act similar to what our brethren did in Germany — a country that hosts, shelters and feeds them after they went through a series of displacement and hunger.

Imagine if the victims were “chaste Muslim women”, and the culprits were non-Muslim residents who committed those shameful acts during one of our religious occasions; I am sure we would have turned everything inside out until the blood of the culprit(s) is spilled.

Imagine that after the shocking attack, we see Heiko Maas, Justice Minister in the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel — the one who took in a million and hundred thousand migrants, coming out to announce his embarrassment over the anti-foreigners statements.

We respond to the minister and his honorable humble chancellor, whose humane character and emotion equate thousands of men in our country, “Honorable minister, we are more ashamed of what our ungrateful brethren have done to your civilized country. We exonerate ourselves from them until the Day of Reckoning. Almighty Allah, the best Disposer of Affairs, will suffice those who nurtured them (shameful gang) and taught them such barbaric behaviors.”

In Cardiff City, Central England, a private firm contracted by the Home Office to feed the asylum seekers there, told the asylum seekers to wear brightly colored wristbands in order to recognize them before distributing three daily meals. In other words, the wristbands entitled the asylum seekers to three meals a day provided by the company.

This controversial policy was met with huge public protest, condemning the government and the firm for its discriminatory and inhumane tendencies towards the migrants, up to a point where some compared the act to the way the Nazis forced Jews to put the yellow ‘star of David’ on their clothes in order to distinguish them from others.

Under immense populace and parliamentary pressure in that civilized country, the government and the firm in question were forced to withdraw from the humiliation of humans, and immediately stopped its implementation.

A similar incident took place in one of the cities in England where the migrants’ doors were painted in red, which led to huge public protest and uproar against such discriminatory and racist acts…That practice was stopped immediately.

We dedicate these stories and news to some of our Arab and Muslim brethren, to advice them to follow the examples of those people whom they refer to as ‘infidels’. We tell them, all that is needed from you is “a bit of shame and a lot of tolerance.”

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By Ahmed Ali Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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