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‘Before the inevitable fall’

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This is approximately 500 words article, and they are not enough to illustrate the sole chronic problem we have been suffering, that is to say the problem of education.

The elections of Kuwait University and the Colleges of Applied Education showed the extent of the collapse of the state of education, and thus our morals, and the imminent erosion of the rest of the state institutions, with the influx of these graduates into the labor market, their involvement in political work, and their participation in by-elections, and the impact of this on their overall future decisions which will affect in all of us.

What happened in these elections is repeated evidence of the continued deterioration of the situation, due to the illusion of democracy that we do not deserve, regardless of who is pushing forward this direction or who benefits from unbelief, so left the situation as it is without solution, a matter which will inevitably lead to a vanishing State.

Most of the ruling systems in the Third World tend to prevent the solidarity of the components of any society against them, and thus, to one degree or another, facilitate their differences to distract them from confronting them.

Despite the illegality of this matter for some, it is almost the only way for governments to continue, but this matter has dangerous consequences for those who promote it as much as it is for their benefits.

A university professor says that she was in her office when a number of men presented to her with a list of the names of certain professors from a certain class and asked her to vote in favor of a certain ‘doctor’, and that they were ready to serve her even if for medical treatment abroad.

 The professor wonders how and who allowed these strangers to enter the university campus and advertise their candidate? This indicates that the situation of university teachers is no less bad than that of their students?

In a tweet addressed to the tribesmen and others who participated in the student elections, which was dominated by racism, ‘Ambassador Jamal Al-Nasafi asks:

– Tell me, is it the tribe that embraced us and provided us with safety, or is it Kuwait?

– Is it the tribe that educated us, or Kuwait?

– Was it the tribe that provided us with healthcare and helped us build houses, palaces and complexes, or Kuwait?

– What are you doing with yourselves and your country, for whom, and what history are you proud of, other than the history of Kuwait?

– Why do we hide behind the veil of racism, and why do we insist on looking at the miserable future, and ignore the promising future?

– Why do we support the corrupt and the briber only because he is the son of the tribe, and exclude the honorable competent?

I say to the Ambassador Al-Nasafi that if I was one of the tribesmen, at their age, I would not hesitate to share their same positions, and my response would be the same.

It became clear to them and their families that the tribe is the pride and bond, and their affiliation with it helps them succeed, guarantee them jobs, promote them, and finally drops them with parachutes to the highest positions, and makes them legislators and ministers after the government closed its doors in their faces decades ago and abolished the appointment rules according to efficiency, and asked them to resort to their deputies, elders to intercede for them.

Are they blamed for their tribal and sectarian positions?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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