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Thursday , April 22 2021

Before I die, I hope to see … !!!

I’ve lived for over 75 years on this land. According to scientific equations and calculations, I still theoretically have twenty years of continuous work. I do not think that the dreams and hopes of my fathers and grandfathers, in my country, for more than two hundred years, differ greatly in their fundamentals from my hopes and dreams now.

I hope, I wish, and I dream that all or most of the following things will be fulfilled before I die.

I hope that, before I die, the paving of roads in my country will come to an end and the gravel will stop flying, so that I can be rest assured of comfort on the road and replace my car windows.

Prosecute at least one of the most corrupt (persons) thieves, and put him in prison for decades.

Supply direct gas to homes instead of the dirty cylinders. During the era of British ‘colonialism’, 70 years ago, gas was supplied to the homes in Ahmadi through a pipeline.

Women and men of culture, art and high literature in my homeland receive a quarter of the attention, respect, reverence which the clerics receive.

I hope to see ethics being taught in school which should be done by reducing the dose of religiosity and it should be stressed that literature plays a major role in raising young people.

I hope to see a decision being issued to prohibit the construction of residential buildings among residential homes, because of all the pressure this phenomenon put on services, in addition to the lack of parking spaces.

I hope to see the decision implemented to ban the import and sale of fireworks, which are openly offered for sale in mobile grocery stores, and even at the entrances to petrol stations, right in front of the eyes of our securitymen, law enforcement officials and no one cares what should be implemented and what should not be.

Prevent the car windows being tinted irrespective of the degree of tinting.

I wish to see a decision being issued to prevent veiled women from driving vehicles. If she is involved in an accident, how can we be sure of her identity, or that she has a driving license?

I hope to see the appointments through an intermediary stopped, and that no official is appointed until after he has passed the competency tests.

Before I die I hope to see a good finance minister, a competent minister at the helm of education, a humane Awqaf minister, and a just social affairs minister.

I hope to see the government paying attention to the sidewalks and corridors of the Capital’s markets, instead of wasting efforts in doing the same in remote areas where no one ever uses these pavements.

Before my death I hope to see the Environment Public Authority doing only 10 percent of the work required of it.

I hope to see the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) planting trees around the graveyards instead of giving this resting place a gloomy look. Why not make our final resting place ‘a proper place for eternal rest’.

I also hope to see the end to the era of power cuts and blackouts, and the installation of smart electricity meters that we have been hearing about for years; that air pollution will be controlled, and getting rid of forged certificates; that the thief of the Patient Aid Fund is put behind bars, and the investigation reports at the Ministry of Social Affairs is published on the fate of tens of millions dinars collected by the Faza’a of Kuwait fund; that the thefts at the cooperative societies stopped by at least one official being referred to the judiciary and the government reviews the psychiatric files and you will find that some of those who control our fate are clerics.

Finally, I believe that me and my children will die before many of the above things are accomplished.

email: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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