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Tuesday , August 11 2020

‘Be tolerant, promote love, peace’ – Handle demographics with care!

What is happening today as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is in fact the result of many years of wastage and neglect, such as the Ministry of Education – its annual budget exceeds 2 billion dinars – yet it fails in something that is considered simple in the world and is e-learning, it is true that the Minister of Education cannot be held accountable because this error has accumulated over the years,” columnist Abdulaziz Al-Kandari wrote for Al-Rai daily.

Abdulaziz Al-Kandari

In other words, the so-called the ‘parachute appointments’ over the past years are actually the cause of failures and add to this the menial manpower that has been brought into the country by the visa traders has strained the health and security systems, but the question remains, do we benefit from these lessons?

While the second lesson surfaces as a result of the spread of corona pandemic, is represented by a racist address which we hear from time to time – it depends on the atmospheres where this address intensifies with the approach of the elections as those contesting the elections open the file of expatriates in the country to tickle the emotions of the citizens to misguide them.

This happens although some expatriates are currently victims of psychological war and are more often than not addressed with ‘vulgar’ words. Anyway, this issue is just a smoke bomb that diverts the attention of the public away from many other issues.

The third lesson: If there is a problem with the demographics, it must be solved by practical methods that are fair to all and according to written plans away from the emotional discourse in the media. As for dealing with them according to the passions and moods, this is devastating for the lives of nations and peoples, and it will push us into a corridor from which we will not be able to get out.

The fourth lesson: We have to learn is from the hate speech and racism which violates human dignity, and who adopts the racist discourse actually has a problem that he tries to vent about by infringing on the dignity of others, and everything he does will turn back on him sooner or later, because the penalty depends on the type of the fault.

The fifth lesson: Raises a question which says, does the arrogant racist discourse know that if something happens, and large numbers of expatriates decide to leave suddenly from Kuwait, what will happen? Who will build the entire house in which you and your family will live? Or do you know how the different maintenance prices will increase, as is the practice in many countries of the world. Sure, the prices will differ very much, and then we will know the value of the racist discourse that we practiced against the expatriates in our country.

The sixth lesson: We desperately need to talk about a culture of tolerance and spread its principles among people and everyone takes their right without diminishing, especially in the media and social media, and there is no need to spread hate speech, and everyone is responsible for that, the family has a responsibility, the school, the mosque and everyone shares that.

The majority of the actions of those who use hate speech, racism, and derogation from others are emotional, and they become experts in hate, and this is a natural result, and when you practice anger in abundance, you become an expert in it, as well as a lot of anxiety makes you superior to it, and you will worry about everything around you, from the streets, travel, work and the list goes on.

Conversely, if your outlook on life is positive and on others, and you are tolerant and promoter of love and peace, then this will reflect on yourself, your life and your dealings wherever you are, and others will be affected by you, so start from this moment by changing your bad habits, to positive habits and do not publish news no matter how important unless you are sure that this will not touch anything especially with regard to others.”

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