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Bankruptcy staring in the eye

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In these particular circumstances I have no doubt that someone in the government, particularly the Minister of Finance will be happy to read this article, after the finance shifted years ago, and it continued in its current era to the Ministry of Treasury whose task is to disburse government checks and completely cut its link to thorny economic issues and development plans to State resources, and resolutely confronting requests for unjustified spending, facing the massive deficit in the state budget, and the obvious waste in every ministry, authority and sector.

I have talked about several times, for more than twenty years the unjustified waste of government subsidies on water, electricity and bread, in addition to a long list of other materials, the last of which was the zubaidi fish.

Citizens concerned with public affairs, including the well-known businessman Naguib Al-Saleh, touched on the same topic and in a distinguished article published in 2017; he called for the cancellation of all types of government subsidies and suggested paying every citizen’s share in cash as a form of social assistance to whoever wishes.

A few days ago, Mr Al-Saleh again raised the same issue in another distinguished article, published in Al-Jarida newspaper, in which he dealt with the implementation of an eight-item economic plan entitled ‘Humanity and Features of the Rescue Plan’.

Al-Saleh says that his goal was to shed light on the distortion of our economy based on depleted wealth, most of which we spend on salaries for a large proportion of employees who do no work and that this represents a waste of money provided in the form of support.

Al-Saleh proposed a program based on two axes, which, according to his belief, could improve the capabilities of the private sector within five years, create many jobs, and address most of the negatives resulting from random, ill-considered decisions that led to disguised unemployment and waste, corruption, wasta, and demographics.

He said his idea will result in additional burdens on the state or affect the citizen’s pocket, especially in light of the recent publication of the government development plan 2020-2025, which sounded the alarm bell, warning of the possibility of depletion of the assets of the general reserve funds and future generations by 2035.”

The first axis is canceling all subsidies and paying their value to the citizens so that they can buy their needs at their original prices. This can be done by paying a monthly salary that represents the share of every citizen over the age of eighteen from the subsidy budget.

The second axis is looking at the situation of more than 200,000 citizens, who go daily to their government jobs without work and the need to put an end to this play that harms the employee, his family, his future, and his country, as well as weakening the private sector and increasing the imbalance in demographic structure.

Al-Saleh also demanded the dismissal of these people from their ‘fake’ jobs, with salaries continuing to be paid to them for the next five years, and push them to search for a job, profession or work that would benefit them and their country.

In spite of the logic of the proposals that were made, which were submitted by nearly other economists, the government, and the Ministry of Finance and Economy in particular do not seem concerned with the matter often due to a lack of decision-making ability, or the unwillingness to disturb the big guys.

Thus, bankruptcy will inevitably follow if things continue in this direction.

The situation in the friendly and dear India is extremely dangerous not only for its citizens but also for the world.

The Indian Business Council takes over the process of purchasing the oxygen cylinders and sending them to the needy. The unit value is only 50 dinars.

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