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Monday , September 26 2022

Bahrain of modernity, moderation and peace

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BAHRAIN has historically distinguished itself as a civilizational meeting place for nations based on its legacy of openness and flexibility in international relations, and its distinguished approach to peaceful initiatives.

 Therefore, its celebration of the National Day this year has a profound significance in the peace approach that its leadership believes in and translates into action on all levels, starting with the annual Bahrain Forum, which has turned into a global dialogue station. It is a forum for bridging the views of all parties, to the financial infrastructure that made Manama an international financial center.

 In all these successes, there was a vision established over the years of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s determination to enrich modernization and development in construction, and an approach that began in 1971 following independence from Britain. As an expression of this, Bahrain has been an outlet for all over the past decades without any restrictions or discrimination. It developed laws for popular participation and ensured the right to vote for residents in municipal elections, given that the services of the municipal authorities are provided to all – citizens and residents.

 It is recorded that King Hamad bin Isa drew an advanced work methodology that was reflected in a series of political and economic achievements. The great role in this regard was of the late Prince Khalifa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa – May Allah have mercy on him – as he worked to develop the kingdom throughout the five decades during which he took over the leadership of the Council of Ministers.

 The Bahraini monarch said this about him – “He was a blessing and support for us, as well as our father before us and the honorable people of Bahrain. His journey of giving and extended achievement will remain a bright memory and honorable remembrance with its renewed lessons of the meanings of sincere dedication and hard work embodied in the chapters of building this nation, which boasts its achievements and elevates its position”.

 Within a few years, Bahrain was able to overcome the most difficult challenges it faced – either the sabotage and terrorism carried out by the expansionist Iranian regime of Mullahs through clusters of clients, or the COVID-19 pandemic through which the kingdom’s distinction in transforming this challenge as an opportunity to start again was evident.

 Because governance is a process of continuity and development as a series of accomplishments, aspirations and plans, Bahrain currently awaits a lot of work. This was affirmed by the Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad in his speech upon assumption of the executive power last month. This is in terms of his assertion of perseverance on the “process of comprehensive reform and modernization that King Hamad is leading”, or what is related to economic development by “establishing competitiveness and creating opportunities, which strengthens confidence that Bahrain will be among the best governments in the world in performance, growth, transparency, surveillance and justice.”

 What awaits the kingdom in the next phase is a lot of positive developments, especially after it entered the stage of peace along with a group of Arab countries by normalizing ties with Israel. For this, when we say that the celebration of the Bahraini National Day this year has great implications, it is because it establishes a more modern and modernized future, which is what all the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council should work for without exception.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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