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Baghdad to Beirut undying uprisings

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

BOTH Iran and Lebanon are under the influence of the same operator. Despite the effort of this operator and its tools to hide behind one thousand masks or a concealing gown and apply all kinds of makeup, all of these masks have fallen from Beirut and Baghdad, and its ugly face has been exposed.

The masks have also fallen from the mercenary group, which will be held accountable by those who have woken up as well as those who are still asleep in the caves, dungeons and rotten basements.

Hassan Nasrallah, who came out for the first time while huddled under the Lebanese national flag instead of his group’s yellow flag, perhaps to calm the protesters, ended up intimidating them. At the same time, he issued good conduct certificates to his allies who are under his authority.

He accused the uprising nation of betrayal and treachery. He adopted an aggressive and violent stance against the people who are angry towards his group.

In the end, he returned disappointed as all accusations backfired through the protesters’ slogans which rejected every point that he raised.

The same game is being played in Iraq by Iranian fingers that dominate the Iraqi domains of authority, which opened frontiers of treachery and mercenary through piles of accusations that were thrown on the faces of the protesters in Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Najaf and Al-Anbar province.

However, all of those accusations backfired.

Tactics of suppression, bullets, teargas and random killings would only fuel the situation, and the sectarian militias will never prevent the protesters from demonstrating peacefully in a bid to express their hunger.

These countries directly see that their billions are being looted, and the thief continues to loot as there is no one to hold him and his predecessors accountable.

Hassan Nasrallah’s gang is incurring failures everyday due to the persistence of the protesters involved in the peaceful demonstration.

Iraq speaks about the looting of $350 billion throughout a period of 16 years, and Lebanon talks about the looting of $260 billion over the past 30 years. If only this money was used for development purpose and for securing better life for the two nations, the authorities of these countries would have become historic heroes.

However, it seems clean hands and national responsibility was never a part of the dictionaries of the Lebanese warlords.

In fact, it is nonexistent in the minds of Iranian mercenaries controlling Iraq.

It is our right in the Gulf countries to ask the authorities in Iraq and Lebanon about the destiny of the aid and loans given by our countries.

If such financial supports were actually spent on development, why is it that their people are out on the streets protesting against their authorities? We need to know whether what they are currently asking for in terms of aid will end up, like previous financial aids, being squandered and wasted.Why don’t these authorities help their countries by returning part of what they earned illegally?

Is there any nation that would be pleased to be ruled by two heads – the first is legitimate constitutionally but submissively weak, and the second one is illegitimate, using its country to serve Iran’s expansionism scheme. Despite all that, you still want the Gulf countries to fund that hellish plan under the cover of financial aid and development?

Today, the entire world is hearing the echo of populist wrath in Lebanon and Iraq, while the self-imposed authorities are like statues; deaf and blind. All that these authorities can hear is the sound of the greed for leadership.

They are currently living under the illusion that Nasrallah’s missiles are able to break the willpower of the Lebanese and abort the peaceful uprising, and that the militias’ bullets in Iraq will prevent millions from demanding their rights.

In reality, the storm of anger will not be contained until these two nations receive their rights, and the corrupt juntas in both nations fall.

Testimony to that is the chants of the Iraqis and Lebanese which have united the two uprisings under the theme “Undying uprising from Baghdad to Beirut”.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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