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At ease Assad, all to normalize

MAJORITY of the Arabs are convinced that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has become confined to the two parties, that the bilateral issues between them can be resolved through direct negotiations, and that it is no longer an Arab-Israeli conflict. Therefore, the normalization of ties between the Arab states and Israel is no longer a sin, but rather an urgent need to confront an expansionist sectarian enemy – Iran. Based on this fact, the normalization train will pass through all Arab capitals, including Damascus, sooner rather than later.

Realistically, there is no escape for Syria from reconciling with Israel. This will definitely rescue it from Iranian terrorism, which worked in partnership with the Americans directly or indirectly to create the ISIS organization, and implement an agenda of sabotage and division of the Arab world.

This agenda is also intended to pave the way for the control of religious and sectarian groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood Group – the historical ally of the Mullahs regime, Hezbollah, and other sectarian gangs, so that the Arab world becomes like a volcano of sectarian conflicts that Iran seeks to exploit in order to become the only regional superpower controlling all its joints.

Those who review the US documents related to terrorism, and read the statements issued by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Iran’s involvement in the events of September 11, 2001, the picture will become clear to them about the systematic sabotage practiced by Iran, and how it works through its agents to recruit duped people of other nationalities and sects to carry out its operations.

All the cards in the region have become exposed. The fact that Syria maintains its alliance with Iran increases the high price being paid by its people, who are tired of the futile war that has been ongoing for a decade and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries, and the displacement of millions. Iran’s goal was to make Syria an arena for the implementation of its plan to control the region by changing the religious culture to one that is based on subordination to an Iranian sect that has nothing to do with even the Arab Shiites.

By playing on sectarian religious sentiments, the Mullahs regime sought to dominate Lebanon through Hezbollah, and transformed it into a killing and extermination force in Syria. It also moved its other sectarian wings to ignite a civil war in it.

Similar is the case in Iraq, which transformed from being a pan-Arabism entity into an abhorrent sectarianism one. The same happened in Yemen where the process of cultural change began to unfold through the Houthis’ control of some state institutions in Sana’a, and the devotion of deviant sectarian curricula.

Today, the option is specific and clear to all Arabs. It is to seek reconciliation with a sane enemy even if he possesses nuclear weapons that he will not use because he is aware of their consequences, instead of continuing to ally with an insane terrorist like the Iranian regime which works according to a vision that dates back to the Middle Ages, is based on killing, destruction and racial hatred. It is not constructive and will impose a heavy price on Syria which has already paid part of it. If it does not leave the orbit of such a toxic coalition, there is no doubt that the price will increase and become heavier.

Over the past decades, and even at the Beirut Summit in 2002, all Arabs accepted reconciliation with Israel including those who rejected peace treaties. They did not say that they would not reconcile with Tel Aviv, but announced that they would be the last to do so.

Therefore, we do not believe that Syria will continue to drink the terrorist venom presented by Iran just out of concern for its relationship with the Mullahs regime. The country has an open window to salvation, which is reconciliation with Israel to uproot the Iranian cancer.

There is no doubt that the Syrian leadership has detailed information about Iran and Hezbollah’s indirect contacts with Tel Aviv. Therefore, it should not be like a deceived husband. Rather, it is in its interest to publicly announce any contacts with the Israelis, for it is ultimately a sovereign state and has the freedom to decide on this.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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