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‘Al-Dalal’ plays with words

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They say that the Brotherhood member is always bound by his oath to external parties, and his loyalty to them forces him to abide by their instructions, but some of them are better than the others when it comes to morals and politeness and “Muhammad Al-Dalal”, the former representative falls in this category, and therefore I wouldn’t like to respond and refute his allegations, but the truth is first to be followed.

Brother Al-Dalal (Al-Qabas 4/28), quoting from the book “Mind Manipulators,” says that politicians and media men, through technologies, manipulate people’s minds with the aim of misleading them, controlling their opinions, and directing them to achieve their own goals.

There is a saying: “Give me media without conscience, I give you people without awareness.”

In his article, he also touched on what plagued the arena of strugglers over the chair and money (and he was one of them once), who do not hesitate to use all means to achieve their goals, including manipulating minds and using various means with the aim of distorting and misleading, and among these are the ultra-secularists and liberals who politically demolish, defame and abuse others, even if it is a lie such as their claim that the reason for the decline of education is due to the religious current’s control over it, and how he responded to such allegations, asking to provide the name of one minister, or one undersecretary representing the religious movement, who took over the Ministry of Education since sixty years ago.

This claim is not true at all, and even if we assume its validity, it is impossible to identify the minister who belongs to the Brotherhood or to others.

The Brotherhood is a secret organization that is subject to strict regulations and an oath of allegiance and absolute obedience to an external reference, and this is what some do not want to admit publicly, so they form silent or sleeper cells, and they are more useful to the party than a member with a known affiliation.

The accusation of secularists and liberals that they are the reason behind the deterioration of education, just because of the large number of ministers who took over the ministry from them is a ridiculous accusation, with his testimony.

He corrected his mistake and admitted in his article that the decline in education is due to the lack of seriousness of the executive authority in adopting and supporting the issue of education as a priority, and therefore whoever the chosen minister, and whatever his thought, will face neglect and lack of interest in this national priority.

In order to prove to Brother Al-Dalal that the ministers have nothing to do with the curricula, and that the Brotherhood are the ones who control them, we will give him the following example, and there are many similar ones.

In the religious education textbook for the ninth grade, a text was mentioned regarding the six categories who will enter Hell, and we will not address five of them, as for the sixth, it is related to women who do not wear Islamic dress. This raises the following questions:

How can all ministers and undersecretaries of education, for the past 60 years, be non-Brotherhood, and at the heart of the school curriculum is a text that represents the Brotherhood’s ultimate aspirations, and is in perfect harmony with their advertisements that fill the streets, which demand that women wear Islamic dress, according to their concept, and add to this the famous Brotherhood slogan “My hijab is my life” and other than that?

Who controls and formulates education curricula? And who is the only party that has given itself the right to interpret what is meant by “Islamic dress” other than the Brotherhood? And who harnesses the media to manipulate minds, more than the Brotherhood?

Finally, for your knowledge, brother Muhammad, I am not looking for fame or fortune and I am not affiliated with any organization or party, and I do not want anything but good for my country, and my loyalty to its leaders, not to the Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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