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Wednesday , August 17 2022

Adorned, clean, integral work, weak performance

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THE Almighty Allah said in His noble book, “… the best of those whom you hire is the strong and the trustworthy”, highlighting the most important characteristic of the leader who seeks the renaissance of his country. This is because if he uses incompetent and dishonest advisors, they become a burden on the ruler and the state.

For this reason, all the leaders who took over ruined states and were able to advance them had sought the help of the strong, trustworthy and industrious people who were loyal to the state before the ruler. This is based on their conviction that he who does not preserve the interests of the nation is not qualified to preserve the interest of the leader.

When Mao Zedong began his march to liberate China, he relied on leaders loyal to the country and not to him. Through this, he was able to unify it and establish the largest industrial base in the world, and because of that, his successors continued the march.

He did not allow any corruption, no matter how small, because he realized that it is like an infection that spreads from one person to another until it becomes an epidemic that destroys everything.

On this basis, the former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kun Yew had set out to build a modern and strong country based on the conviction that “cleaning corruption is like cleaning the stairs from top to bottom”.

These examples represent an urgent need for every official in Kuwait to realize the extent of the responsibility entrusted to him, and the trust that must be fulfilled in order to get out of the time of confusion that the country is enduring, and to eradicate the rampant corruption in most of its institutions, something that has been talked about a lot but to no avail.

These people – the corrupt – believe that by just raising the slogan of combating corruption, people should cheer for them after every chant in this regard even though the truth is completely different.

The corrupt are still in their positions. In the weakest of faith, their fingers are playing on its strings in political, administrative and security positions.

Therefore, projects are overpriced either in armament contracts or infrastructure, and even with the bonuses granted to employees.

The trend of buying loyalty in Kuwait is the main cause for all the country’s suffering, to such an extent that one would imagine that we are still living in the era of American mafias in the twenties of the last century and that we have not yet entered the twenty-first century, in a country that was supposed to have made great strides in development and progress, but had unfortunately fallen into the clutches of the corrupt because there was no one to stop them.

Few years ago when the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, under the directives of his father King Salman, began his campaign against corruption, he neither spared a prince, cousin, or acquaintance.

Rather, he waged war on corruption explicitly and clearly, as it is believed that about ten percent of the state budgets from 1980 until recently went to the corrupt by doubling the value of projects. For this reason, all of them were summoned and held accountable, and the state recovered hundreds of billions of cash and in-kind assets.

In the UAE, from the very first moment it discovered an attempt to harm public money, the leadership took firm measures in this regard. All projects came under the direct supervision of the President of the state Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, or the Vice President of the state Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and the sheikhs of the other emirates.

Kuwait needs this type of radical treatment for a scourge that almost kills the state’s immunity. We need someone similar to the Prime Minister of Singapore Halima Yacoub, who used to start her day after dawn prayer. It was said that, even though she wears colorful dresses, her work is white, while our prime minister is clean and integral but his work performance is weak.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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