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Sunday , September 25 2022

Administrative revolution of Mohammad VI

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THE speech delivered by King Mohammad VI during the 18th anniversary of his ascendancy to the throne could be regarded as a first class administrative revolution statement by all standards. It massively shook political parties that took upon themselves the representation of people in the Parliament, so the Morocco of today departed from the past after the speech.

Mohammad VI does not rely on reports of advisers as he rather monitors every little development closely, while dealing with internal issues based on the conviction that the comfort of people is the basis for national stability. He believes every official is entrusted with the country by performing their respective roles. This is the reason why you see him talking to people, reminding every employee about their responsibilities; because the ultimate aim is to promote Morocco through human resource development.

Based on this, he does not side with the public sector or defend it by making excuses as the case in developing countries where it is forbidden to criticize the sector. Instead, Mohammad VI places dereliction of duty at the same level as betrayal, because “it jeopardizes the interests of citizens.”

Throughout the 18 years that he has been steering the ship of leadership, Mohammad VI has never distanced himself by remaining in the ivory tower as he stays among citizens looking into their daily affairs. He derives great pleasure from keeping himself busy with the follow-up works. He was asked, “If the Moroccan king is not comfortable with the method of political activities by distrusting several politicians, what will the citizens do?”

With this question alone, he put all political parties on their toes to take the historical responsibility of translating manifestoes into action without deceiving citizens. A large percentage of the youths are not convinced by participation in voting due to the impression that existing political parties are useless as they abandoned their natural role in the parliament, while they are enmeshed in destructive political confrontations for electoral gains.

It is very rare to see leaders and monarchs addressing their subjects with this kind of transparency and criticizing their government agencies. The man has made everybody face their responsibilities since he believes that public service is not a tool for political or electoral benefits. As such, he has rung the warning bell and pointed out aspects of inefficiency in State administrations generally; especially since the parliament has been obligated to enact laws in order to realize the aspirations of citizens along with the hopes of the monarch which, in the real sense, stands for the wishes of citizens. Many bills were suspended in the parliament. If these bills were approved, they would have revitalized national and foreign investments. These bills would have reduced bureaucracy which is extremely complicated to the extent of hindering the pumping of foreign or domestic capitals into the Moroccan economy, so the unemployment rate has been increasing.

In his speech, King Mohammad VI declared clearly that the monarch and citizens are one in challenging lackluster attitude. Therefore, it is possible to say that Morocco will soon join the league of advanced nations which are capable of matching contemporary actions and model of administration for third world countries to emulate in order to escape from the backward dilemma

Undoubtedly, this royal administrative revolution and role of political parties in government will make Morocco stronger in facing any development. This is because it raises awareness of people on the right methods for democratic practice. It also prevents representatives of political parties and public institutions from taking dictatorial action against citizens at the expense of national and public interests.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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