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Wednesday , June 19 2019

Abdul-Mutaleb: The house has a Lord protecting it

WHEN Abraha Al-Habashi planned to demolish Ka’aba in 569 AD with the intention of making Al-Qalais in Sana’a the place where people perform Hajj, Allah Almighty sent a group of birds (Al-toyour Al-Ababeel) to protect His house.

From that day, the Abashi leader did not understand the importance of a statement made by Abdul-Mutaleb — the prominent figure from the Quraish clan —  when asked to release his camels: “I am the owner of the camels, while the house has a Lord that protects it,” until the arrival of the Divine response. It was there and then that it became glaring to Abraha how the Lord of Ka’aba protects the house from attacks.

The same scenario played out in 908 AD with the crisis of Qaramites, who wanted to transfer Hajj to Bahrain. They invaded Makkah during Hajj season, where they stole the Black Stone and moved it to the place of their choice. They did not heed entreaties to return it from Abbasid and Fatimid, and they killed 20,000 pilgrims that year. They also killed about 30,000 people in Al-Qateef whose residents refused to perform Hajj in the new location they called ‘New Ka’aba’. After 22 years, they succumbed to threat from Al-Mahadi Al-Alawi Al-Fatimid which forced them to return the Black Stone to Makkah.

Since the Mullah regime took over the leadership of Iran in 1979, they have been raising the slogan of internationalizing Islamic holy sites. The intention is to control the locations by subverting the natural leadership of Saudi Arabia which is recognized Islamically and globally.

It was for this purpose that Tehran leaders initiated the idea of ‘marches of innocence from infidelity of polytheists’ to politicize Hajj. It led to perpetration of massacres in Ka’aba during Hajj, the last of which happened when they engineered the stampede in Mina in 2015 and that incident claimed hundreds of lives. They also tried to instigate Muslims over the incident but to no avail.

The Kingdom has been committing all its capabilities towards service of Ka’aba since its unification over 85 years ago. During the era of late King Abdulaziz Bin Saud, all pirates who were collecting royalties from pilgrims were wiped out. Since then, the successive governments of the Kingdom have been spending multi-billion dollars to execute expansion projects and ensure the comfort of pilgrims. The most recent is the expansion project executed a few years ago which cost almost 120 billion riyals.

Allah Almighty blessed Saudi Arabia with crude oil to enable it to spend on holy sites without the need for Muslims to bear the cost. He also blesses the Kingdom with wise leaders who believe that whatever they do for pilgrims aims to seek the face of God. Saudi Arabia guaranteed all means of comfort and security for Muslims from every part of the world so they can perform the fifth pillar of Islam stress free.

As the issue of internationalizing Hajj has resurfaced in international politics and media, there is no other meaning than inciting Muslims and the entire world against Saudi Arabia, while exploiting holy sites for political battles far from Islam. This is one of the battles meant to weaken Arab nations which are currently strong enough to challenge destructive plans orchestrated by Israel and Iran.

However, the players of this dangerous game did not realize that the outcome spells doom for them, considering what Allah Almighty says in the Holy Book: “All this (is ordained by God); and if one honors God’s sacred commandments, it will rebound to his own good in his Sustainer’s sight.” Saudi Arabia, since inception, honors sacred commandments, so that is the reason why Allah Almighty blesses it with prosperity and security, and the wind of enemies and evil planners always fail there.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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