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Tuesday , August 16 2022

A government of ‘let whatever happens happen, I’m immune’

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IT is not surprising that about 8,000 administrative lawsuits have been filed against the Cabinet for the various decisions that it has taken. Such decisions often prove to be faulty, but instead of correcting the errors, the members of the Cabinet do not flinch at all.

Therefore, the public funds are diverted to covering those mistakes. Or in the weakest faith, the Cabinet circumvents the ruling issued by the court to prove their ability to impose what they want.

Given that the Cabinet, from its president to even the undersecretaries, are, by virtue of “deaf ears”,  unnerved by loud screams, even if the voices of Kuwaitis become hoarse, and their throats burn.

It seems that the popular cries delight the government, as they continue to push the citizens to scream more, and resorts to injury time dialogue that it thinks would offer all solutions on a plate of gold.

For the 100th time, we say that this dialogue will only strike the last remaining prestige of the state that seems to be living its lean years. There is nothing on the horizon for its president and his crew to expect in finding someone like Yusuf (PBUH) to save them as he saved the king and Egypt from famine.

In fact, it seems the Cabinet is convincing itself that – as long as it is immune, let whatever happens happen, and as long as it will not take the interpellation stand, everything else becomes of no concern to it.

The administrative lawsuits filed are not the last, but they represent the tip of the iceberg that threatens the “Titanic” institutions that are floating in a choppy sea without a captain who is aware of the risks facing the country.

In this regard, the decisions taken to address the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are enough. What preceded it from about two years to this day affirms that the country is snowballing, but we hope that the matter will not exacerbate.

With a government of this type, it would not be surprising that decisions are issued by non-specialized bodies and imposed on everyone. No one was left to raise their voice, declaring how harmful they are; the government, as big as it is, could not stop it.

For example, the decision to ban the renewal of work permits for expatriates above the age of 60 years of age was recently nullified by the Fatwa and Legislation Department, which is the government’s legal advisor. Nevertheless, it was still enforced.

The entire state accepted it, because the Cabinet is simply unaware of its position. All that it is interested in is fortifying its president from constitutional accountability.

We beg to ask – Did His Highness the Prime Minister inquire from his ministers regarding the use of a dialogue that seems to be limited to amnesty for Musallam Al-Barrak, Jama’an Al-Harbish, and other fugitives to Turkey? Are they convinced that this will solve the rest of the country’s problems? Or is the government reluctant and waiting for what tomorrow will bring?

This situation, which has continued since the announcement of the results of the last elections, will not end in the victory of one party over another. In fact, the people are the ones who will continue to suffer until Almighty Allah makes it easy for us to get out of this tunnel, which continues to become darker and darker. Also, the psychological and physical suffering continues, and diseases of neglect are spreading among the officials.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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