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Sunday , November 27 2022

A ‘bedoun’ resident and a Kuwaiti mother

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There are countries that do not allow or encourage immigration, such as India, China and Egypt, for political or ethnic reasons, or for fear of the immigrant’s competition with the citizen in the labor market.

It is unimaginable what the immigrant can add of the positives to any society he migrated to, especially if the choice is made carefully.

Diversity adds a range of flavors, ideas, colors and lifestyles to the communities to which he migrates, and no matter how large the country’s economy or population is, as they still need renewal, and this applies even to China with its huge population, as it became clear that its previous decision to allow the family with one child did not make it a young nation, so it amended the decision to allow two children, and this also did not work, so it decided few days ago to allow families to have three because it urgently needs to renew the blood of its people.

The situation of a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti, and who has children from him, is considered uncomfortable for all parties. The children of these families are Kuwaitis by birth, mother’s connection, culture, family kinship, customs, and everything related to the human psyche, and thus the matter becomes worrying when these people do not have the right to remain in the country if their father decides, for example, to leave Kuwait, or is forced to leave it.

These children cost the state and their families huge sums of money spent on their education and treatment, and they may be highly qualified and at the same time occupy productive jobs and they have a good moral and academic position, and therefore who is better than them on the issue of priority for naturalization, rather than handing these educated people who are healthy over to another country to benefit from their vitality and expertise?

The issue also becomes more complicated after the death of the mother of these children, and her leaving real estate or a commercial business, so who is better and more deserving of them and her husband in managing her estate, preserving it and developing it for the benefit of all of them?

It becomes difficult also if the father of these children dies as they will be in a confusing situation! They are not able to leave and live in the country of their father’s nationality – nationality by origin — nor are they able to obtain the nationality of a country that they do not know, of the mother country they were born in, raised them and taught them. Is there a more defective logic than this?

It is therefore necessary to set conditions, even if harsh, for the naturalization of these children, and to choose the good qualities that apply to them such as obtaining high academic degrees, or holding certificates in specific disciplines that the state needs. This will motivate everyone to opt for best ways and obtain the highest certificates and graduate in specializations that will subsequently contribute to their obtaining the citizenship of the country.

What applies to these people can be applied to the Bedoun who have been waiting for years to resolve their status in an honorable and humane manner, and these people can be subjected to the same naturalization conditions, i.e. naturalization of those who excel academically or in other vital fields, so keeping their status as it is, is a crime against them, society and humanity.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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