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Your reputation witnesses against you

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

A MEMBER of one of the biggest radical movements in the Arab world sadly keeps on repeating at every occasion that the local bloc to which he belongs is considered as the financial arm of that movement in Kuwait. In that case, his bloc represents the “treasury” of the Kuwaiti branch of that international radical movement, just like what Minister of Finance Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf had said about his ministry.

He said the movement is peaceful and moderate, and those who attack it are unjust. Insisting that the government does not favor them, this member said the government sometimes even attacks them. It seems he has forgotten about the huge sums of money they collect via their branches that are spread on every street of Kuwait, thanks to the trait of our government to overlook such matters.

The government has even allocated the best locations on state properties for central markets, restaurants and cafés in state hospitals for free. The specialists belonging to that movement control most of the tenders and projects even though they are not very distinguished in their career. Furthermore, their educational certificates do not match the professional activities of the offices they run but they gain millions from running those offices.

All this happens because of the approval and satisfaction of the government and some radical banks that obligate the debtors to deal with those individuals. Strangely, that millionaire objected to placing some fund boxes for collecting donations in some places of worship that he does not like, and called for the removal of those fund boxes. We will give one more example to prove the extent to which our government has pampered that dangerous (as we will explain) and radical movement for years.

One of the figures of that movement was assigned as the head of a supreme committee, and he continued in that position for 20 years. During that long period, the committee accomplished only one percent of the tasks for which it was created. Eventually, the “shy” government decided to terminate that committee.

The head of that cancelled committee left his position at the committee and enjoyed a stay in a comfortable corner of the luxurious “treasury” society. In her autobiography titled “Hard Choices”, Hilary Clinton said the Americans were behind the Arab Spring (or the Arab Hell – it makes no difference) and they were happy when the Muslim Brotherhood Group came to power in Egypt. She revealed that she travelled to 112 countries to persuade them to recognize the Egyptian Islamic state, which would be the start of a series of Islamic states in Libya, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Clinton said they prepared for the radical groups, namely the Muslim Brotherhood Group, to have a leading role in Kuwait, and then ensure that story is repeated in rest of the Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. While the sisterly GCC countries realized the danger, described the Muslim Brotherhood Group as “devils” and accused them of terrorism, our wise government continued to pamper them such that not even a single hair of theirs was touched.

One of their spokesperson recently raised objection to the fact that none of their members has been included in a civilized body that aims to enhance human rights. We say to him that no one can grant something that he does not own.

You, your extremist ideology and books cannot meet the requirements of human rights, just like it is impossible for two parallel lines to meet. Human beings, according to you, are only those who adopt your ideology, while the rest of the people, according to your texts, do not deserve to live except as slaves under your domination; otherwise they have to face death. Your well-known reputation is a witness against you.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

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