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The English idiomatic proverb says: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” This is what the government is trying to do, with apparent desperation, i.e. desperation in preserving what some have known as our identity, traditions and customs, striving, with obvious shyness and hesitation to open up to the world and modify the demographics, reduce dependence on a single source of income, diversify state resources, attract foreign investments, encourage domestic and foreign tourism.

Our current situation, according to the government’s approach, is like pushing a small boat into the water without oars or sail, so it is tossed by the waves and the wind because there is no direction.

If we put aside the two deputies, Jenan Bushehri and Alia Al-Khaled, we can say, with extreme reservations (unfortunately), that the best remaining deputies in the parliament are Muhannad Al-Sayer, Abdullah, Muhalhel Al-Mudhaf and Hassan Johar, while ignoring the fifth who is affiliated to the Islamic Constitutional Movement, being the closest, intellectually to the civil state and openness to the other, or so they promote.

Despite this, they did not hesitate to present a draft law that imposes a year’s imprisonment and a fine of 1,000 dinars on anyone who intentionally imitates the opposite sex in all characteristics.

They know that homosexuality began with humanity, and it will remain against our will, as it is part of human nature, so what happened to make this topic dangerous and require legislation, and they know that it is impossible for two people to agree on the meaning of imitation.

If a girl wears a tight, floral, brightly colored shirt, will she be considered imitating? And if a girl cuts her hair short, does she become imbecile, and is she imprisoned for a year?

The other cases that are difficult to be certain about, and which will keep the police stations, the Public Prosecution Office and the courts busy, during which the number of homosexuals, scientifically and medically, will remain the same, by law or otherwise.

Why insist on wasting efforts and precious time at a time when we are drowning every day in seas of backwardness and economic, administrative and legislative corruption, and our urgent need for someone to stop this bleeding, tampering and loss.

Parallel to their efforts, a representative asked the minister of interior a question about the controls for holding marathons, and does it monitor its compliance with the Sharia controls for people of both sexes and if it is held with government approvals.

Responding to these superficial questions will increase the appetite of the questioner and others to suggest “legitimate controls for shoppers, especially in malls. There is no difference between a thousand who run in a marathon and a thousand others who walk in the mall, or shop and wear almost the same clothes.

What about the mixing of employees, male and female, with each other and with visitors in various government departments, especially in the late night hours in hospitals, laboratories, regulatory authorities, some bank departments, restaurant services, hotels, and others?

What we would like to say is that the government compass has lost its direction, and it does not seem to know which path we are heading to. Oh, Your Highness, the Prime Minister, tell us: What does your mind say what we should do?

Do you want an extremist Taleban religious state, or a modern state open to the others?

Holding sticks from middle and trying to satisfy both sides will only result in us coming back to square one, with everyone running around us.

Also, submitting to this continuous blackmail, and accepting the encroachment of the backwardness on what remains of our freedoms, will inevitably undermine the state system.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 34167 times!

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