Your blessed tears are remembered by your people and loved ones

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Your Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, you are not only the Amir, you are also the father of Kuwait and its people who still remember the tears you shed in the National Assembly on the day of its opening session on Oct 18, 2022.

In the Amiri speech at the time, you laid down the foundations upon which the relationship between the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers should be based. Unfortunately, the concerned parties did not heed them.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Those tears indicated the extent of your concern for Kuwait and what transpired in recent years in terms of the frightening decline caused by certain practices, which continued for more than three decades — when much ado about nothing prevailed over everything and empty talks produced nothing worth mentioning or remembering.

On that day, Your Highness, many people bet that getting rid of this situation was just a pipe dream, because there was a deep State that extended its tentacles to all State institutions. Some of them occupied top positions.

They were the corrupt who moved everywhere. They were the stakeholders who adopted laws tailored to personal interests, and plotters who mastered the art of deception in directing constitutional and legal interpretations according to their whims, making it difficult to get out of the impasse.

Projects were tailored to their demands. They interfered in awarding tenders. They distorted the spirit of the judiciary by interfering in it. They used the State Audit Bureau as their tool and tampered with security, such that it would be at their service.

It is difficult for any ruler to change this situation, especially since the corrupt are among the people who say Kuwait is a State of constitution and law. The leadership is governed by this matter, but on the ground, they sabotage the very State of constitution.

Their bet has always been on setting minefields on the path of development and reforms in order to undermine the gains of any leader who attempts to rectify the situation.

However, fate has put you in front of all the mess witnessed by the people who have no despicable interests; believers of their motherland who want to see it far from corruption and depravity.

Your tears did not drop in vain. You remedied the situation with surgical precision to remove the tumor by suspending seven articles of the Constitution that were necessary for the State and institutions to start the process of healing.

Everyone who met Your Highness heard from you that you would apply justice to everyone, even to yourself and to the seniors before the juniors.

Perhaps, some were surprised by this move; because they did not know who is Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad whose words match his action. Your Highness, you lead by example as you appointed an appropriate person to the Crown Prince position, in addition to the premiership of the Council of Ministers or any major position. You chose what is best for Kuwait and its future.

Kuwait has started to witness the fruits of these measures. Today, there are no people milking the State and sucking its blood as it happened in the past.

They worked with all their might to keep it backward, so that they would have the pleasure of continuing to shackle the people through laws that served only their interests.

Today, these people are wondering: What is next? They bet that those quivering ran out of arrows. Thus, they sharpened their teeth and knives, but they lost their bet even before it began.

Therefore, we say to them: Kuwait has witnessed and will continue to witness many things, as long as “good is upon us.” A good indicator of this is the announcement of major projects free of corruption.

These projects will be implemented through the government’s agreement with countries or large companies. No local agent shall milk it and change its value several times, while the law is applied on everyone. As for fighting corruption, the seniors’ files were opened to before that of the juniors and those involved will soon face the music.

Also, today, there is nothing to protect those who spread rumors or anyone who dares to harm the authority of the Amir in any way. This is due to the fact that accountability is the theme that spares no one; even those in the ruling house and even from some of the adventurers within it, when people imagined that every influential person was the ruler. All this has ended.

Here are the doors of the offices of ministers opening to the people, even the doors of senior officials. The people are certain that once the government announces that the unemployment rate will be zero in the near future, they are confident that any official will not fail to implement your directives, especially since you promised to monitor all officials. The people are standing in front of you. They believe that you will do them justice.

All these achievements will be written in history. When I told you, Your Highness, I wish I was younger so that I could work with more vigor for the sake of Kuwait; the people are convinced that life is not about the number of years, but the achievements. May Almighty Allah bless your life and this tremendous effort.

Today, the people feel that they are in a fortified State, that the birth of the second Kuwaiti State has begun, and that your blessed tears were assets from which your people draw strength and determination to build the best leadership. We have said that “good is upon us.” This is our promise to you, Your Highness.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 1223 times!

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