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Sunday , September 26 2021

Yemen graveyard of Persian scheme

THREE years have passed since the Houthi uprising led to civil war in Yemen and opened the doors far and wide to extremist terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and ‘DAESH’ and brought Iran close to the southern gate of the Arabian Peninsula. Needless to say, these militias were unable to impose their control on Yemen; instead, they’re withdrawing from many areas on a daily basis under the pressure of the Arab coalition forces’ bombardment, alongside the national army and Yemeni resistance groups.

There is a self-evident fact, which the rebels are oblivious of; the balance of power tilts in favor of the Arab coalition capable of ending the war within days so as to protect the civilians whom the rebels are using as human shields. The coalition forces continue to smash the masqueraded Persian occupation step by step. Irrespective of the amount of time the war will take and funds expended in that regard, the coalition will remain the major benefactor because, protection of regional security is more valuable than wealth.

Press organs affiliated to Houthi militias, Iran and Hezbollah, and of course, platforms of the ousted Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh work hard to distort facts and fabricate lies about victories recorded in Yemen, although millions of Yemenis do not fall for such claims. Until when will the gang continue to keep Yemen in hell?


Houthis should stop their media drama, because it will not benefit them in any way. Neither will it prevent them from facing accountability for their atrocities — in relation to massacres they have committed or humanitarian and medical aid they prevented from reaching the people of Yemen. These crimes will definitely land the rebels to international criminal courts where the word of justice will be pronounced.

Houthis have missed the fact that our region does not accommodate any sectarian schemes, and therefore, they won’t be able to usher the peacock-pride Persians into the Arabian Peninsula. The Persian expansionism scheme will be defeated the same way the Persian Empire was defeated.

It is certain the religious culture of our region will never change, as witnessed in Egypt in the Fatimid Dynasty, which attempted to transform the country to Shia and built Al-Azhar Mosque for that purpose. The Fatimids were wiped out with their scheme, leaving Egypt with its creed. The same will happen today in Yemen and Houthis can not change the religious cultural nature of its people.

Iran should accept the fact and stop its scheme draped with the mentality of ‘revolution import’ and ‘Islamic Jurist Rule’ because the era of religious cultural change in nations is long gone and will never return.

Nonetheless, as Iran wants others to respect its religious identity, it should respect the religious identities of others and withdraw from Yemen, because it will become the graveyard of its scheme, sooner or later.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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