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Tuesday , September 27 2022

Yemen government and their bitter cup

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

SOMETHING is strange in the situation of Yemen’s legitimate government and an observer cannot explain it, unless it is considered a diversion from implementing the main project – defeat the first enemy and engage in a sub-dispute. This sub-dispute would not occur if the government performed its real duty – to confront the Iranian expansion project through the south gate of the Arabian Peninsula in the hands of the Houthi gang. Legitimacy failed to defeat this gang despite the tremendous military and political support, and recognition of the international community.

It is worth saying that if not for the existence of the Arab alliance; the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces would stay in Riyadh, western region, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait. Without the Arab alliance, Yemenis would be subject to woeful occupation which they cannot afford to confront. Thus, the alliance is still doing its mission. It never gave up support for the Yemeni National Army and patriot resistance. The alliance defeated the Houthis in most battles in different parts of Yemen. It limited the Houthis to specific areas. However, the efforts exerted by the alliance needed a Yemeni crane which should have taken part in the ground work rather than be content in echoing the slogans.

Unquestionably, the Yemeni situation is too complicated. The desire for separation of the South and North Yemen exceeded the stage of wishful thinking. It has become a fact that people in the South cannot neglect according to their press statements. The desire for separation intensified when people in the South found themselves out of the legitimacy coverage since the government has allied with the Reform Party which belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood. The brotherhood has always been the Trojan horse of all terrorist groups, starting from al-Qaeda and DAESH and ending with the Houthis and coup plotters. The Reform Party’s major objective is to keep the papers mixed until the revival of the Muslim Brotherhood project; even it is done by allying with the Houthis.

The Kuwaiti proverb, “My brother is strong only when dealing with my mother,” is applicable to the Yemeni government. The government brags about cleaning the streets of transitional council forces despite the fact that civilian people in the South constitute these forces. Nonetheless, we have not heard any statement from the government that it defeated the Houthis or cleaned one city of such forces in the last five years. As we said earlier, the defeats of the Houthis were exclusive to the Arab alliance which sacrificed a number of martyrs in order to achieve this objective.

It has become necessary for the government to revise its calculations, instead of being stubborn and claiming that it will not negotiate with people in the South but with UAE which has nothing to do with the internal dispute of Yemenis.

Without a doubt, the government is keen on escaping to search for excuses, instead of admitting that it failed in the confrontation. It should admit that it is powerless and incapable of keeping Yemenis united. Perhaps, it will be obligated to drink from the bitter cup and accept the southern option in order not to turn into a dagger pointed at the people in the South in particular, and all Yemenis in general.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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