World’s First Wooden Supercar Hits Over 321 km/h

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Joe Harmon, the creator of Splinter, the world’s first wooden supercar, claims it can exceed speeds of 321 km/h (200mph). Constructed over a decade, Splinter boasts a Chevrolet LS7 V-8 engine and a six-speed manual Corvette transmission, generating up to 650 horsepower. While conventional cars achieve 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds, Splinter’s lightweight build suggests it could potentially surpass this speed, thanks to its unique design resembling a Lamborghini and its primary construction material being timber.

Despite its innovative design and Harmon’s assertion of its capabilities, the widespread adoption of wooden cars faces significant challenges. While timber boasts a higher strength-to-weight ratio than carbon fiber or steel, its labor-intensive preparation process and limited supply hinder mass production. Moreover, safety concerns regarding the impracticality and fire risk of wooden vehicles further deter mainstream adoption. Despite Harmon’s claims of Splinter’s speed potential, he has never driven it beyond 48 km/h (30 mph), while other enthusiasts, such as a YouTuber who built a wooden Cybertruck, have garnered attention for similar wooden vehicle projects, signaling growing interest in unconventional automotive design and construction methods.

This news has been read 721 times!

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