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Sunday , September 26 2021

Workshops announcement angers Islamist activists – Hindu and Buddhist beliefs invade Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 7: The announcement about two workshops to be held by American coach and author Frederick Dodson has sparked a wave of anger among Islamist activists who have warned of what they called ‘Hindu and Buddhist beliefs that invade Kuwait’, reports Al-Rai daily.

Amid confusion and controversy surrounding the announcement of the two workshops planned under the title ‘Manifesting Intentions’ and ‘Awareness And Attention’ between Oct 12 and 15, the daily has learned that the hotel where the event was to be held, has apologized.

The registration fees for the event were KD 250 and 125 each respectively. In this context, the Islamic activist Abdul Rahman Al-Nassar said suspicious activity by the promoters of these superstitions and futile Eastern beliefs have been recently noticed under various names such as energy science and laws of attraction and yoga and energy of space and other superstitions. “What saddens us is the weakness of the interaction of the responsible ministries, despite the fact that all the scientific edifices of the world considered them false and Gulf countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia forbid them,” Al-Nassar said.

Al-Nassar added: “The promoters of these superstitious activities have become more and more selling halos measuring devices for treatment, which is nothing more than deceit to empty people’s pockets. Scientific channels have revealed their falsity and it is unfortunate that they claim that some of these devices treat cancer, which is a lie and exploitation of the patients who are ready to pay all they own for recovery, pointing out that these devices have not been used for treating a single patient, and is not recognized internationally and not approved in Kuwait.

Al-Nassar denounced the workshops of the American author saying: This is called Dodson who promotes drugs and cigarettes in his books. He added, Saudi Arabia prevented his entry into the Kingdom two years ago due to the seriousness of his ideas which clash with Islam. Al-Nassar expressed his hope that the Ministry of Interior will officially prevent the organization of such workshops.

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