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Workers of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation protest interference for promotion of kin

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 14: Oil sector employees have expressed anger over the alleged interference of former Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) board members to push for the promotion of their relatives working in the sector, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting sources.

Source pointed out such attitude negatively affects the sector as it contravenes the equal opportunities principle, adding that the resentment of the employees grew after the appointment of a director general at KPC and director for health and safety at Kuwait International Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) as one of them is the son of a former KPC board member and the other is his relative.

Sources revealed the two relatives occupied senior positions despite the fact that there are more qualified and experienced employees nominated for these posts.

They continued saying that another board member helped his nephew occupy deputy CEO position at KPC and his son as director of operations at Khafji joint project although he previously worked at Gulf Energy Company.

Sources said this is the first time that an employee who worked outside the company is appointed to such position. Sources added a relative of the chairperson of the committee in charge of nominating senior officials was promoted recently, while the son of a former KPC board member was appointed as director at Kuwait National Petroleum Company. (KNPC).

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