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These are words coming from the heart through reason, they come in difficult circumstances and they are the result of long life experiences which were mostly rich and enjoyable, during happy and funny times with beautiful and bright colors, and others very black and all my dreams would not have come true had I not been in this country with respect and dignity and this dignity would not have been achieved without a political regime that made an effort to protect me and this entity as best it could do.

Like many others, for more than half a century, I have been keen to avoid entering into deep friendships or commercial dealings with members of the Al-Sabah family for well-known reasons, with three beautiful exceptions excepted by time, in which knowledge exceeded decades. Also, my idea was and still is positive about the majority of those I know or have heard of.

I am neither pro-government nor a government loyalist. The government does not need me nor do I need the government. Therefore, I say my opinion is completely impartial, and I think that only a few do not agree with me that the ruling system in any country cannot be ideal, and therefore it is prone, as a political system that controls the fate of millions, to commit fatal mistakes, waste enormous fortunes, manipulate the nationality of the country.

 We also find that even the governments of advanced democracies have never been immune to making decisions that have caused them to engage in futile wars in which hundreds of thousands of their citizens perished and doubled the number of disabled people and trillions of dollars lost.

Compare them to our situation and our system which is better than others taking into account that we are a Third World country, and therefore it is unfair to say that our situation would be better if the regime changed.

The backward society cannot easily, especially within one or two generations, change to another better system especially if the society is characterized by deep-rooted tribalism, deep sectarianism, and wide fragmentation, this is the reality in which we live today. We are not a Scandinavian country but a society deeply underdeveloped politically and socially and completely unqualified even to dream of being like it.

From this point of view, it is necessary to repeat the fact that any alternative political system that some people demand or wish to be a substitute for ours will often not be better than the current one, and this is due to a defect in the basic structure of society not that our system distinguished from others.

It is certain that what will come will be either similar to the current situation, or often something much worse than itis, and this is what has been proven by all the political changes that have taken place in the region over the past century, which resulted in the fall of backward dictatorial regimes and other similar solutions that have their place, and the second was in the general majority is worse than the first.

Our system is not angelic, but it is also not without flaws. When I see and contemplate – like any observer –  the faces, backgrounds, trends, and ideas of the majority of those who represent the movement or the popular opposition which demands the dismissal of this president or step down of someone else, I remember the Kuwaiti wisdom: ‘Control your crazy’ with all respect for those involved!

My opinion may not mean anything, but I am confident that it coincides with the opinion of the civil and non-sectarian majority, which does not want the regime but one thing, which is for the law to be applied to everyone, without any exceptions.

The application of the law means no mediation in the appointments; its application means that members of the ruling family and ministers do not enjoy special provisions; its application means the provision of distinctive education for all; its application means stopping financial waste and holding the thieves accountable, whoever they are; its application means preserving the dignity of the citizen and resident; application of the law means there is only one Amir, His Highness; its application means loyalty is to the homeland only and not to any tribe or sectarian reference.

By applying the law on everyone, with one ruler, or something very close to that, Kuwait will return to its golden era.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 13425 times!

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