Wood cut from trees in Kuwait sold illegally

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: Huge quantities of local tree firewood offered for sale were monitored by environmental activists, in violation of the Environmental Protection Law and the decision of the Ministry of Commerce issued last year, which prohibits “displaying, selling, or marketing local wood to individuals, companies, factories, or mobile vehicles, except after obtaining the approval of the official authorities,” reports Al-Rai daily.

Activist Saad Al-Hayyan told the daily, “What is happening is a disaster by all standards, and the regulatory authorities must tighten their grip to protect the green cover in Kuwait,” pointing out that “the price of a faggot of local firewood is only one dinar compared to 5 dinars for the imported faggot, given that the local wood acquired by chopping local trees is cheap and as a result the demand increases and with it the felling of trees.”

A l -Hayyan accused “Asian gangs for felling trees and selling firewood along highways in Abdali, Nuwaiseeb and Kabad,” pointing out that “some have had the audacity to place advertisements about the availability of any required amount of firewood.”

Article 41 of the Environmental Protection Law No. 42 of 2014, which amended some of its provisions by Law No. 99 of 2015, states the following: ‘It is prohibited to practice grazing or land exploitation for traffic crops or any other activity that would harm the quantity or quality of vegetation cover in any area which leads to desertification or deterioration of the wild environment.

It is also prohibited to damage crops, plants, and trees, to pick flowers in public squares, streets, and public facilities, and to uproot trees and wild plants from public lands. With the exception of what is specified by the executive regulations of this law for reasons of development, and in all cases an obligation to compensate what has been uprooted from the green areas including trees.”

This news has been read 6728 times!

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