Woman caught trying to withdraw loan with deceased man’s body

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BRAZIL, April 18: Police in Brazil have apprehended a woman under suspicion of accompanying a deceased man, whom she claimed was her uncle, to a bank to withdraw a substantial loan. The incident, captured on video, has ignited a nationwide discourse in Brazil following its dissemination on social media platforms. The footage depicts the woman in a Rio de Janeiro branch of Itau Bank, seemingly supporting the head of an elderly man in a wheelchair while endeavoring to guide his hand to grasp a pen at the bank counter.

Law enforcement officials indicate that the woman was endeavoring to secure a loan amounting to $3,000, which had previously been sanctioned by the bank but still necessitated the endorsement of the elderly gentleman. However, the elderly man depicted in the video, filmed by a bank employee, remains unresponsive, with his arm languid and his head drooping as the woman addresses him.

“Uncle, are you listening?” she implores. “You need to sign. If you don’t sign, there’s no way. I can’t sign for you, it has to be you. What I can do, I do.”

“Sign it so you don’t give me any more headaches, having to go to the registry office. I can’t take it anymore,” she continues.

At this juncture, one of the bank staff remarks, “I think he isn’t feeling well,” with another employee concurring. Subsequent to this observation, the bank personnel resolved to summon emergency medical services. Upon their arrival, paramedics determined that the man had been deceased for several hours, indicating that he was likely deceased prior to his arrival at the bank.

Rio de Janeiro Civil police chief Fabio Luis Souza has disclosed that inquiries are ongoing to ascertain the relationship between the woman and the deceased man. However, CNN affiliate CNN Brasil reported that the family’s legal representative contradicted the narrative presented by law enforcement, asserting that “the facts did not happen as stated; that the man arrived at the bank alive; and that the woman is completely shaken and medicated.”

Authorities have confirmed that they are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident but have refrained from filing charges at this juncture.

This news has been read 514 times!

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