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Woman accuses lawyer of deceiving her into illicit relations, aborting fetus by Asian nurse

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: A young woman has accused a popular lawyer, who was previously a parliamentary candidate from the Fifth Constituency, of deceiving her into having sex with him by promising to marry her, impregnating her illegally, and then forcing her to abort the child with the help of an Asian nursing assistant.

According to security sources, the woman lodged a complaint with the Public Prosecution against the Kuwaiti citizen who had earlier contested in the parliamentary elections.

In her complaint, she explained that she had been in a relationship with him after he promised to marry her, and she eventually became pregnant. He then gave her some pills and forced her to take them, without informing her that the pills were meant to abort the fetus during the first month of her pregnancy. The citizen has been detained for investigations.

By Security Writer

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