Woman, 30, succumbs to blood clot after ‘long COVID’ misdiagnosis

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Emily Chesterton.

LONDON, March 9, (Agencies): A British actress, Emily Chesterton, tragically succumbed to a blood clot after her symptoms were dismissed as anxiety, leading to fatal consequences. Emily, who had recently celebrated her 30th birthday, relocated from Manchester to London to pursue her acting career. Concerned about pain and hardness in her calf, she sought medical attention.

During her initial visit to the doctor’s office, Emily received paracetamol for what was deemed mild pain. However, her condition worsened, leaving her breathless, light-headed, and struggling to walk, according to her mother, Marion Chesterton. In a subsequent appointment, a physician’s assistant (PA) diagnosed her with a calf sprain, long-COVID, and anxiety, without examining her calf.

Tragically, it was later revealed that Emily’s pain stemmed from a blood clot in her left leg, resulting in a fatal pulmonary embolism. Both appointments were reportedly handled by a PA, not a doctor, leading Emily’s father, Brendan Chesterton, to assert that the PA failed to recognize the blood clot on both occasions.

In a GoFundMe page, Brendan highlighted that the coroner’s report emphasized the immediate need for referral to a hospital emergency unit, stating that prompt intervention could have saved Emily’s life. To honor their daughter’s memory, Marion and Brendan endorse new guidance from the British Medical Association, asserting that PAs should not make independent management decisions or handle initial patient assessments and diagnoses.

During an event for the launch of the guidance, Emily’s parents expressed confidence that if these measures had been in place before her death, she would still be alive. The Vale Practice in London, where Emily sought treatment, expressed deep sadness over her passing. Following a comprehensive review, the practice now exclusively offers appointments with general practitioners, nurses, and pharmacists. Additionally, staff has been instructed to clarify their roles at the beginning of each appointment to enhance patient understanding.

This news has been read 739 times!

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