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Sunday , January 29 2023

Withdrawals from Brotherhood

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From the mid-1950s until the mid-1970s, the Sunni male civil society in Kuwait, almost entirely, were members of the Islamic Guidance Association, or were sympathetic to it or involved in its activities, especially sports, and the majority knew nothing about the association’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The late Abd al-Aziz al-Ali al-Mutawa supervised the association before it was taken over by politicized radicals, who changed its name, after a hiatus of nearly two years, to “Social Reform.”

The momentum of the Guidance Association in Kuwait began to wane with the rise of the star of the nationalists in Egypt, and Gamal Abdel Nasser’s alliance with the Soviet Union, linking his fate to them.

The withdrawal from the Association reached its climax after the assassination attempt on Abdel Nasser, who found an excuse to terminate them, imprison their leaders, and execute their only thinker, Sayyid Qutb, after whom the group died intellectually, but it continued to expand de facto, and Nasser’s military and political defeats became a thorn in his side, especially his defeat in Yemen, Syria and with Israel, and I still remember what “Muhammad Metwally Shaarawi” said, after Nasser’s death, that he prayed to his Lord in gratitude, after the 1967 defeat for the victory of the faithful American weapon over the infidel Soviet weapon.

After the death of Nasser, Sadat released Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders from prison, and this caused his subsequent assassination at their hands, and the Brotherhood’s star began to rise, not only in Egypt but in most Arab countries and all over the region and Americans used them to tamper with the security of a number of Arab countries, and in revolutions of the Arab Spring followed, whose flames would have reached Kuwait, had it not been for the wisdom of the late Sabah Al-Ahmad, and this was the Brotherhood’s second blow to Kuwait, after their shameful position on Saddam’s invasion, and their support for the position of the Muslim Brotherhood International Organization against the intervention of Western countries to liberate Kuwait.

The flame of the Brotherhood began to fade, after everyone read the danger they spelled on August 14, 2013, with the Egyptian forces beginning to dismantle the sit-ins of Raba’a supporters, and their strength continued to decline in several countries – Gulf, Arab, and others. However Kuwait only remained loyal to them, and was the largest resource for their treasury, despite their danger.

Since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, and the withdrawal of leaders from it did not stop, whether in Egypt, the mother incubator, or Kuwait, whose membership was abandoned by many, especially after liberation, and the exposure of the Brotherhood’s position on the occupation, and this prompted them, contrary to reality, to announce the severance of their relationship with the international organization, and changing their name, but all this did not prevent successive withdrawals from it, and Brotherhood’s truth was revealed when two former MPs and ministers Ahmad Abdel Mohsen Al-Mulaifi and Ismail Al-Shatti withdrew as it resulted in sad reactions among some, because the justifications for their withdrawal spilled the beans and with it the organization’s and management superficiality.

The withdrawal of these and other leaders from the Brotherhood will have a negative impact on the movement and will inevitably lead to other withdrawals in the future.”

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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