With decision … nothing’s impossible

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SOLVING the most important dilemmas begins with a decision. In this world, there is a solution to every problem … Even death ends the suffering of a chronic patient, which of course is the will of Allah, but that is the case when all treatments fail to succeed. However, this does not apply to countries, which have their own laws, experiences, and minds. They also have the right to emulate others who have solved similar problems.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah

This is not a shame. Therefore, there is no problem without a solution, irrespective of whether it is related to the housing issue, improving the citizens’ livelihood, unnecessary support, infrastructural development, disguised unemployment, the relationship between the executive and legislative authorities, amending the Constitution, or raising the national product through the implementation of major projects that benefit the country and those in it.

All of the aforementioned challenges have solutions, but the problem is the decision, and the ambiguity that surrounds it. Is it in the hands of the National Assembly or the government? Or does it happen through social media, as Kuwait seems to have multiple heads, each with its own decision? If an MP objects to a project, the Council of Ministers suspends it, and if a minister does not like the implementer, he stonewalls it.

A major catastrophe happens when the two authorities together take into consideration what is published on social media, after which the ministry issues an order, but at the request of an MP, the decision is suspended, as if the latter’s authority is greater than the authority of the government. Regarding the problem of infrastructure and road repair, the matter does not require much headache … Just allocate a budget, and the Ministry of Public Works will begin work. As for the Bedoun issue, there are many laws that have been issued in this regard, but they have been put inside the drawer. On the other hand, in other countries, especially the Gulf countries, this issue has been resolved through a government decision. It did not become a problem that international institutions talk about, as is the case with us, because some do not want to solve it due to flimsy reasons.

Kuwait’s primary concern is seeking help from everyone, including the Bedoun residents, for the long-awaited development, whether it is in the northern economic region or for completing the construction of Mubarak Port or modernizing all services, or developing the islands, which are an important source of investment if there is a vision for what tourism investment means, or the many other dormant projects. Even in the housing problem, there are many effective solutions that neighboring countries, some Arab countries and European countries have worked on to close this file forever. In fact, the new cities have become a source of economic and commercial activity. This is not the case in Kuwait, as citizens here have to wait for 20 years to obtain housing care.

Some of them die before they can enjoy their dream house. In Kuwait, we do not lack solutions, but it is the absence of decision, or rather the lost decision between the two authorities, each of which is supposed to know its limits and not overlap the other, along with the weakness of ministerial will and hesitation that has caused all the crises we are experiencing. When the will becomes effective and determined to achieve a solution, then Kuwait will become one of the most developed countries and an effective force in the regional economy within a few years. This is why Kuwaitis have one constant question – When will we have a decision? Will we not remain subject to the parliamentary-ministerial wrangling that neither nourishes nor avails against hunger.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
[email protected]

This news has been read 741 times!

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