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Saturday , March 25 2023

Who’ll stop the government and force it to come to its senses?

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

IF WHAT was published by Al-Seyassah newspaper regarding the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s approval of the amendment of the basic statute of Al-Islah Society (Social Reform Society) is true, this is another disaster on the list of detestable corruption disasters achieved by our wise government. As we established in previous articles, the wise government goes against the current in this case.

The Muslim Brotherhood Group has proven beyond doubt and in more than one country that it is striving to realize its dream of taking power in countries where it thrives. Hence, it has been banned in majority of the countries where it was developed and nurtured such as Egypt, its motherland.

This organization proved its lack of ability to rule with flying colors when it was put into live test of governance at a time the Egyptian military authority handed power to it after the ouster of president Mubarak. It issued decisions and laws that restricted freedom, and tended towards gathering the authority in the hands of the ‘Brotherhood puppet’ or the one mandated to play the presidency role, as Morsi did to drop the curtains on the role of the Brotherhood in Egypt and other countries forever.

The scaling down of this organization happened in majority of Gulf countries where its operatives were active. We saw this in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain, apart from the State of Qatar due to reasons which are not a secret to anyone.

The State of Qatar used the Muslim Brotherhood Group in its campaigns to incite people to revolt against their regimes in what was known as the ‘Arab Spring’. This country still maintains strong relations with the organization, which is its only bargaining chip to return to the Gulf — Arabian capsule. In terms of other Arab countries, the Brotherhood organization still maintains some influence in Tunisia. Every free and intellectual mind in that country is standing against this influence.

Definitely, they are larger in number than Al-Nahda Party which was bred in areas of London. With that, the wise will understand. Back to Kuwait and the surprising decision issued by the Minister of Social Affairs, the minister was comfortably probed by the Parliament and we wished they could put their conscience into play.

As usual, the probe was contaminated with personal interests and promises of cash; as well as job offers in sensitive departments, appointed and elected boards, and assemblies. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Group got the lion’s share. Subsequently, it does not take much for someone to link the altruistic grants of this group represented by the multi-million society (Islah) with the assistance given to the minister, her boss and colleague on the day of the tripartite interpellation.

The interpellation sparked laughter-likecry as its outcome was in vain. The unprecedented altruistic grant for the Brotherhood was the right of the society to implement foreign and local projects, and to open educational facilities. This means tapping the brains and minds of our future generations. The society has the right to propose amendments to educational curriculums. It seems the wise government or the Brotherhood Group has not had enough in terms of tampering with our educational system for decades.

The Brotherhood ideology has been dominating the curriculums, especially the Islamic education where they erase patriotic education because they do not believe in it. In fact, they only believe in their single country under their black flags.

The society and its administrative board have been fortified from dissolution. Their tenure was extended for another two years, in addition to the endorsement of their election. This means the leadership of the group has been given ‘carte blanche’ in forming the administrative board. They can choose whoever they want as long as they adhere to the group’s ideology.

The society has the right to open branches in any location and get licensed. We have seen such branches in every estate and area — old and new. With regard to propagation of the topsy-turvy ideology, they have the right to organize symposiums, lectures and camps (brainwash). We wonder what the ‘wise’ has left to give to its pampered child — the society of the Brotherhood organization.

The only thing remaining is to give the society powers of judicial control, organizing traffic, issuing residency permits, and renewal of passports and civil identification cards. We are blowing into a torn water skin, and we are screaming in a valley.

Therefore, the only hope we have is to see such behaviors of the government spark a parliamentary revolt led by a few noble in the current Parliament as we have lost hope in most of its members. We hope this few nobles will stop the government and force it to come to its senses.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil
Email: ali-albaghli@hotmail.com

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