When will the Arabs wake up?

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

AN ordinary Arab is sifting through the rubble of buildings, piles of people left behind by massacres and among people displaced by wars in this part of the world — in Libya, in Syria and Iraq — by the terrorist groups including al-Qaeda, the Islamic State (IS) or the so-called DAESH, Hezbollah and other gangs looking for an answer to the question ‘Why have these countries been put at the mercy of Iran, the United States, Russia or the United Nations while Arabs are fighting each other competing for false glory?

Russia is a new entrant to the Syrian conflict after Iran, its Revolutionary Guard and the gangs supporting it. Definitely, Moscow is looking for its interests. It certainly closes an eye to the thousands of people killed, maimed or massacred.

It does not care about the hundreds of thousands of people made homeless or forced to seek refuge elsewhere, many of whom in a bid to escape the war at home have been devoured by sea.

In the midst of this, Iraq paints a trail of tragedies dated back to 1958 when King Faisal was dragged along the streets of Baghdad. The fight continues to date.

In the case of Libya, which is almost forgotten, unfortunately, it is at the mercy of DAESH which has been expanding its power base in a quiet manner.

Add to this the Palestinian scenario, the people who live a new chapter of their lives — a prolongation of decades-old tragedy.

Under all these circumstances millions of Arabs have now become almost certain that their homelands will become part and parcel of the bloody chaos.

What is surprising is their governments have largely remained silent and the Arab League holds meetings only to issue statements of resentment which unfortunately have failed to provide a solution.

Today, we are inching towards the fifth year of bloody conflicts, disasters and destruction and yet nobody has made a move to offer a solution to the crises — the crises which are slowly but surely ticking like a time-bomb to destroy the entire Arab nation.

Are the issues connected only to people or the destiny of nations? Can’t we seek, for example, a solution for the Syrian crisis and prevent the citizens of their country from fleeing their homes, fleeing into the unknown from the massacres committed by the more than one hundred terrorist groups who have occupied their country?

Are the Arabs not able to come to terms under Bashar Al-Assad, irrespective whether he is in power or not?

The negligence by Arab countries has given an opportunity for others — others such as Russia, Iran, USA, Britain and France — to get into the fray and control our small world.

To add insult to injury we are always disunited which is a key reason why Israel was able to boost its power and toy with the Palestinians.

This is in addition to the ineffective political stands which the Arabs have taken to stoke the flames of tragedies in Syria and Iraq.

If Arabs are responsible for neglecting Iraq after toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein and leaving it for the US and Iran to decide its destiny, they have also helped complicate the Syrian crisis and put Damascus at the mercy of ‘monsters of interests’.

We still have time to pull the entire region out of the doldrums and prevent the imminent disaster.

The success will not be achieved if we are not determined to solve our problems by ourselves and stop depending on others who do not provide such services for free … The price tag is big because a country is not a charity institution.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 10350 times!

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