When do we know the danger?

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If some party – not the Ministry of Education which is held hostage by religious forces – visited some schools especially those which fall under the influence of these forces, they will find that loyalty is not to the homeland but to other parties.
They will find religious activities are intensely charged with daily ideological thoughts through sports activities, awareness seminars and lessons and allowing those with extremist tendencies to enter these schools and give lectures to entice students to engage in partisan work and glorify the biography of people such as Al-Banna, Qutb and others.

The administration of these schools also selects outstanding students at an early stage, focuses on them and attracts them to their affiliation to facilitate programming their minds. They also celebrate religious occasions in specific places in the Abdali or Wafra farms or livestock pens in Kabd and spend on their upbringing in secrecy and silence.
All this and more came from one of the students who they tried to win over, and he responded at first but he was afraid of their plans next, so he left them and decided to expose their actions in an audio recording that went viral on the social networking sites.

In this same context, it was announced in the newspapers that a center affiliated with an extremist religious association would revive its cultural season, and open registration for boys from 12 to 20 years old, which includes many activities and educational and sports programs.
Intelligence sources also confirmed, through a secret report that the Arab Gulf region, and Kuwait in particular, is already facing fundamental issues, the first and most important of which is the social and security threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood.
This group has been a part of Kuwaiti society for decades, and their power grew after the liberation, despite their great betrayal during the occupation period. They also have a strong presence in Parliament, and they control several government agencies through their aides, including education, and the majority of senior academic and administrative positions at the university. The group also has huge investments registered in the names of Kuwaitis.
The report states that, historically, governments have shown tolerance and favoritism with the Brotherhood believing that they are easier to operate and control compared to liberal and civil activists who seek real change, and how the group exploited them through the Palestinian cause and refusal to recognize Israel, and made it a way out of any political crisis.

The governments realized that over-reliance on them has proven to be a double-edged sword. Being lenient with their public demands makes it difficult for the government to keep pace with their neighbors in normalization.
This leniency turned the Brotherhood into a difficult party to control. They also increased their control after that, and it was stated in the report that they use the expertise of their counterparts in Jordan, who are supported by higher government agencies.

It was stated in the secret report that the Brotherhood does not inevitably plan for any coup, but rather is content with extending its control gradually and smoothly, and in that it receives support, perhaps from external elements, to be its puppets in the future.

Last question: Hardly a month passes without hearing about a financial scandal and major corruption in a religious institution, and all of these institutions are run by religious parties, so what is the reason for their power? Why do they not care or are afraid of punishment like others?
Note: The prestigious Hotelier Middle East in the world of tourism and hospitality has announced its Top 100 Influential General Managers, and Mr Fahad Abu Shaar, General Manager of Sheraton Hotels Kuwait, is on the list. Don’t these competencies deserve Kuwaiti citizenship instead of granting it to this one and that one?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 13477 times!

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