When Badr talks about Muslim Brotherhood

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It required the solidarity of several countries, led by America, to find a vaccine to eliminate the Covid virus, before it wiped out humanity. Perhaps it will require the Arab countries to come together, under the leadership of their largest, to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood virus.

In a distinguished article written by colleague Badr Al-Bahr for Al-Qabas daily, he wondered why the Gulf states were aware of the danger of Islamic groups, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, and classified them as terrorists, and issued death sentences on their members, while Kuwait stood in the opposite direction, and even brought its members closer to decision-making centers, and what is more dangerous than that is what he has come to believe. Some of those who aspire to reach the decision-making power say that an alliance with the Brotherhood may be the way to achieve their goals, without realizing the reality of these people’s affiliations abroad.

The colleague went on to say that our government had previously allied with the Brotherhood, after the rigging of the 1967 elections, to help it fight the national movement, so it brought them into the ministry and allowed them to establish their financial empire, and enabled them to control some of the most important state institutions, and the wealth under its control, and enabled them to exploit the funds of associations to finance their political activities, and it turned a blind eye to the famous fatwa permitting the use of the money it collected to finance the campaigns of its supporters in the parliamentary elections, and gave them the reins to dispose of hundreds of millions through various associations and committees, as a means of completing the application of Sharia, but as soon as the government needed them to calm the Kuwaiti street, during the Arab Spring wave, until they broke their promises and betrayed them, and boycotted the elections in order to destabilize the state, as it seems with orders they received from abroad.

As a former Muslim Brotherhood leader previously confirmed, in an interview with a fellow newspaper, 4 years ago, that the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood are the most dangerous in the Gulf, and that they have established three organizations in Kuwait, for citizens, for Egyptians, and a third for others.

They also made Kuwait a refuge for the group, bringing in thousands of their members. They provided work for them, and made Kuwait their central bank. Their danger also lies in the extent of their deployment and alliance with countries that threaten the security of the Gulf, such as Iran, for which they have repeatedly declared their support.


Colleague Al-Bahr ended his article with a message to the government, saying that the matter can no longer be postponed, and we must catch up with the Gulf process, and begin excluding party members from any political scene or ministerial or leadership position, so that we do not appear more like an intersection with the policy of the Gulf states.

It is natural that colleague Al-Bahr’s article caused the Brotherhood extremists to be upset about it, because of the facts he presented, and because of the writer’s credibility, good conduct, and well-known religiosity, so instructions were issued to confront him, as one of them rose, and another returned from his isolation, to write two weak responses to him, as usual.

They did not hide their hatred for everyone who attacked them, and they did not hesitate to lie and change history, to distort the image of others, and this has been their habit since their group was founded 85 years ago, denying the facts, describing the colleague’s article as lacking objectivity and credibility and far from scientific honesty, and even from good address!

Someone also accused him of saying that “the people of Kuwait” are aware of the truth and the reasons that made him tend toward dangerous exclusionary rhetoric, and they are aware of his goals and directions at this political stage! I do not know why they were silent about mentioning the writer’s goals and directions, if they were illegal?

One of them also denied that the late Youssef Al-Haji belonged to the Brotherhood, as he was the head of their party and a member of it for years. So how can the movement, which is the most dangerous and secretive in its work, allow someone who is not from the Brotherhood to head it?


It was also funny what one of them mentioned, and it is a claim that was repeated by them many times, that charitable work is subject to the oversight of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this did not happen except in the past few years, after the intervention and oversight of the US Treasury Department. However, before that, and for half a century, the funds of these associations were unsupervised.

He says, returning to his article” and perhaps just to respond to his colleague, that he knew him as a good, decent human being, proud of his independence, and refusing to follow and imitate others!! Then he began to challenge it, and that he had become an imitator of liberal penmen, raising suspicions against the Islamic movement, and often hinting to me, forgetting that he was repeating verbatim what he wrote in his article published in April 2020, in which he used the same method of ‘flattery, pleading… and stabbing’.

The response was, in general, ridiculous, full of slander against the colleague, and all because the latter confronted with literary courage their deviations, gave new evidence of the truth of his words, and accurately described the images of the Brotherhood’s corruption and their loyalty to the outside, and this, it seems, pained them greatly.

In conclusion, he called on our colleague Al-Bahr to follow his thought and approach, and not imitate others in their sterile approaches, who believe that contravening the Islamic trend would lead them to fame, glory, and acceptance among the Mu’azib (!!!)

He also asked him to take a lesson from some of his neighbors, and perhaps he means me, who for forty years have been criticizing the religious movement and questioning its intentions, and have reaped nothing but disappointment, while his criticism of the Islamists has increased their solidity and spread!!

Of course, this is ridiculous and puzzling talk at the same time. If attacking them strengthens them and spreads their ideas, why don’t they leave us alone, so that they can become more solid?

A final note: The emptiness of these parties can often be identified by the emptiness of those who stand up to defend them.

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By Ahmad Al Sarraf

This news has been read 5320 times!

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