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Wednesday , August 17 2022

What is most harmful & the least beneficial?

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The American society is considered the most conservative compared to other Western nations. The churches in America raced to exploit this and collected huge sums of money, bragged about it and even made movies, and one of them claimed that he met Jesus Christ (PBUH), and some of them went on to become famous Hollywood stars.

In the Gulf, clergymen, preachers and imams of mosques, a majority of whom are representatives of religious parties, did not hesitate to take advantage of the petrodollar showers on their countries at the end of the 1970s, to benefit from the outbreak of religious and sectarian wars, and to benefit from American experiences in this field. At the time, it was the highest religious example, compared to the atheist infidel Soviet Union, and they subsequently succeeded in making huge fortunes for their parties.”

Thus there appeared among us an engineer who pledged to build 100,000 homes for the poor in Indonesia, and another one pledged to dig hundred thousand drinking water wells, and planted a hundred thousand fruitful trees in Africa, and that  personality received the greatest share of admiration and at the end of his life, bought a huge farm to grow ‘carnations’ on a wonderfully beautiful African island, where he subsequently spent his life in retirement, away from the clatter of ‘charity activity’.

We have already written extensively about all these people, and about their mostly illusionary projects, when the margins of freedom did not complain about the “audible and visual” sword.

Among them is the imam of the mosque, humble in knowledge, the owner of ‘plants’, who after his death became a hero in the eyes of the Brotherhood, and a defender of Jerusalem, even though he spent his life defending the terrorists, glorifying them and the Brotherhood, before his connection with them was cut off for some or the other reason.

When he died, the “Brotherhood” filled the streets with his pictures, which were once hostile to him, in a crude exaggeration of praise, although the group had never said a good word about him, and this means that this political demonstration was not intended for his person, but was a message to the concerned authorities that they are here and that they are strong, and they must be taken into account in any upcoming political arrangements.

It is sufficient that the behavior of charities, which explicitly stood behind this campaign, was not legal, as the law prevents them from interfering in politics, and from spending donor money in partisan propaganda. These are included under the fraud and deception practiced by some traders of religion. It is unfortunate to note the inability of the Ministry of Social Affairs to stop such blatant abuses we see along our roads and streets!

On the occasion of the upcoming FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar, one of the beneficiaries of religion began broadcasting video and audio messages to donate to his association, so that it could ‘mobilize preachers’ to go to Doha, and convert hundreds of thousands of infidels to Islam.

This person was earlier casting out spirits from those who were possessed by evil which subsequently resulted in the death of one of his ‘clients’ as a result of severe beatings, and was finally sent to prison for ten years but he succeeded in getting out.

During the opposition events, he became bold and when he issued unpleasant statements, his citizenship was revoked, but he succeeded in regaining it with the effort of a cleric. Then he chose to remain silent for the people  to forget his misdeeds, and finally returned to the spotlight to collect funds to mobilize preachers, and the concerned ministry is unable to stop him, because he works under the umbrella of another association.

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By Ahmad alsarraf