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Thursday , September 23 2021

What if I get fired from Job, how can I pay bank loan?

I am an expat working in Government sector, I took loan in Islamic Bank, the tenure of my loan is 5 years, 1 year passed, remaining 4 years left, I am paying to the bank by EMIs. Now-a-days, In the ministries the government is replacing expats with Kuwaitis. What if, i am fired from the ministry? in such a situation how can I settle the loan and leave the country safely?

Name withheld
Answer: Before a bank grants you a loan it takes into consideration how much you earn a month, the number of years of service you have put in and your age at the time you are applying for the loan. If you lose your job at the ministry, you will be paid end of year benefits and from this payment you can settle your loan with the bank and leave the country. The banks are aware of such a situation you described above happening and hence will not give you a loan amount that is above your potential end of service payment.

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