What happened in Gaza must be subjected to an Arab tribunal

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Ahmad Al-Jarallah

IT is necessary to open up about a fateful issue like the one that the Gaza Strip and its people, indeed the entire Palestinian people, are experiencing.

For the past 75 years, the Palestinians have been a victim of Arab hypocrisy, flattery, and fake victories that organizations exploit to strengthen their political presence. They were exploited by leaders to hoard more money and live in bliss, while millions languish below the poverty line and in camps, and do not have the minimum natural rights.

The “humanitarian truce” that was announced is nothing more than an attempt to reveal the truth of what Hamas did on October 7th through the terrible killing and destruction. Eventually, after 50 days of fighting, the Hamas Movement submitted to the Israeli conditions, and this is considered a major defeat for it.

That is why we hope that Ismail Haniyeh, Khaled Meshal, and their entire clique, will not come out to us to declare that what happened is a divine victory, or repeat the statement issued by Hassan Nasrallah after the 2006 war – If I had known that kidnapping the two Israeli soldiers would lead to all this killing and destruction, we would not have done it – followed by the destruction of Lebanon and the fall of hundreds of Lebanese victims.

Today, any words issued by Hamas leaders regarding achieving gains are just “empty” words, and have no place in politics, especially after Haniyeh came out to say with his usual elegance, “We are still holding the strings of the game, and that the truce is a victory for the Palestinian people.”

That is why we frankly say it to him – You are the defeated one, and the Arabs are also defeated, because they were not able to bring in a single aid truck, except after Tel Aviv’s approval and inspection.

We hoped that rationality would prevail in the Arab world, and that there would be a vision, so that all the opportunists would not be allowed to invest in Palestinian blood, and when the hour of truth approached, they all retreated into their hideout – Iran – which for four decades portrayed itself as carrying the banner of liberating Palestine and the Aqsa Mosque. However, in reality, it has never fired a single bullet throughout those years towards Israel, and on October 7th, it complied with American and Israeli threats.

Likewise, Hezbollah acted rationally this time, because its leaders saw that the wave was greater than their capabilities. Instead of boasting about the “unity of the arenas” that implicated the Palestinians in this attack, they worked to exploit the battle to strengthen their political power in Lebanon.

As for the “Houthi” group, which tried to expand its terrorism through attacks, today it has fallen into a trap it set for itself, while the Iraqi militias have committed more adventures that Tehran is currently investing in its contacts with Washington to collect more billions of dollars.

Regarding Syria, it acted rationally because it had no choice but to confront the United States and Israel.

Is this adventure, which was committed by the “Al-Qassam Brigades” without consulting anyone, worth the death of 15,000 innocent people, including 7,000 children and 5,000 women? Is it worth the destruction of 60 percent of the Gaza Strip, and the displacement of about one and a half million residents of the northern Strip to its southern part?

In all this we beg to ask – What is the benefit of all this? Perhaps there might be some who say that the Palestinian issue has returned to the forefront internationally, and that the world public opinion has become more supportive of it. But is this enough? Isn’t the concern of the Americans, British, French, Germans, and others in the world only their internal issues and the improvement of their lives, without caring about what is happening abroad?

For 50 days, Khaled Meshal and the leaders of Hamas disappeared, and all the leaders of the so-called “axis of resistance” disappeared, because they were feeling their throats and trying to invest in the Palestinian blood spilled on the streets of Gaza.

On the other hand, the popularity of the Israeli extreme right increased, and armed attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank increased.

Likewise, the Israelis have become more demanding to eliminate not only Hamas, but also the forces supporting it. This means that what comes after the truce will not be the same as before it, and that the tragedy will become even more horrific. Did Haniyeh, Meshal, Sinwar, Al-Deif, and everyone who looked around to understand, realize this?

If there was a realistic Arab vision, then those who committed this adventure must be tried by an Arab tribunal composed of all countries, as no one can take millions to a massacre to implement a suspicious agenda.

For once, the Arabs must have the heart of one man, and know how to steer this situation, and not be separated by Israeli electronic files or petty calculations. What happened in Gaza is much greater than all petty calculations, but we can’t stop to wonder whether Arabs realize this or not.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 1259 times!

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