Welcome to dignified Lebanon

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IT IS not surprising that Iran meddles in the internal affairs of Lebanon easily since all nooks and crannies of the country are blurred, while their ears are blocked. They listen to all whispers coming out of every Arab nation or monitor every minor thing to prove their obedience to the ‘real leaders’ of their countries who live in the tunnels of South Beirut like Hassan Nasrallah who acts according to the Persian remote control from Tehran.

The adage, “Summer and winter on the same surface,” is applicable to these people. It is tantamount to application of double standard. For instance, none of the Arabian capitals can do what Tehran is doing in Beirut.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard leader Mohammad Ja’afari publicly placed Lebanon under the trusteeship of his country through his statement: “Hezbollah weapon is non-negotiable.” Prior to that, Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani said: “No decision is taken in Lebanon behind Iran.” When those statements were made, we realized that the ‘national dignity’ which Lebanese President Michel Aoun talked about had already been raped and its blood legitimized with Iranian knife followed by the astonishing silence. He did not act against the brazen interference in the affairs of his country.

In contrast, Aoun and Nabi Beri reacted a lot when Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Al-Hariri announced his resignation from Riyadh. A barrage of insults and accusations were hurled at Saudi Arabia, accusing it of taking the man hostage and that national dignity was undermined. Son-in-law of Aoun and Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Gebran Basel came up with a similar campaign attacking Saudi Arabia and Arabian Gulf nations.

All these were done as per the instruction of Nasrallah, which indicates that the Lebanese decision is not in the hands of its officials. It is as if anything coming from Tehran is legitimate, but any other legitimate order from the disenthralled people of Lebanon is regarded as coming from foreign agents.

When Aoun was appointed leader of the military government towards the end of the last century, he declared war against the Syrian Army invaders in Lebanon. He issued threats that Stalin dared not issue to his enemies during World War II. We were delighted that the tiny Arab nation was getting out of the claws of war and multitude of invasions since a man striving to rescue the country was at the helm of affairs. However, it became glaring after 14 years that the boldness of Aoun at that point transformed into compromise and surrender to the Tehran agent — Nasrallah. This happened after the Paris-exile returnee general dreamt of becoming president and realized that the only way to occupy the seat was moving through neighborhood tunnels.

The idea of summer and winter on the same surface in Lebanon was due to fear of public revolt which was sparked by the resignation of Sa’ad Al-Hariri. He is currently cautious about getting involved in governance to avoid being part of the final station of the Shiite crescent that several Mullah leaders have talked about as it is bound to fall with all the dreams of their agents in Lebanon.  This is the way Iran will lose what it regards as its backyard garden where it perpetrates all evil acts with which it can export the revolution to aggravate the situation within the length and breadth of the Arab world.

Without a doubt, Tehran is taking cognizance of all the outcries against them. This is the reason why the initial outcome of the bold step taken by Al-Hariri prompted the Lebanese government to seriously distance itself, with the belief that continuity of the revolution up to the end will enable the people of Lebanon to dismantle the structure of Iranian control. They will liberate their country from the clutches of ‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’ whose weapon has never been directed towards Israel. It rather serves as a medium of attack; starting from Syria to Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait to destabilize Arabian security while the Mullah regime is engaged in mockery singing: “Welcome to the dignified Lebanon!”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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