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We wish we could be Indians!!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

THE world looks at the ancient Indian nation with astonishment due to its democracy and attachment to its people, as well as its people’s intelligence and excellence in various contemporary sciences — from space to medicine, new cyber technology which is currently running the entire world, beautiful vessels whose performance distinguishes the children of that country and many other fields which force you to respect its people.

A glance is enough for countries which detached from the great India in the last century, such as the two Islamic countries — Pakistan and Bangladesh, for us to see the difference between clod and Pleiades.

Salman Khan, an Indian actor with legendry dancing skills and millions of fans in India and around the world, was sentenced to five years in prison for poaching an endangered antelope called ‘blackbuck’. The incident occurred two decades ago during one of Khan’s filming trips.

Despite his fame, art and millions of fans; the blind justice of India arrested him for the crime which we consider “more than petty” as per our nomadic tradition. Salman Khan denied the charge. With just a single witness, his lawyers cast doubt on the testimony.

In spite of that, he was jailed and released the next day after paying a huge bond. Currently, he is waiting for the final ruling. After this, is it not the right of every Indian to boast to us about their majestic community, laws and justice? Therefore, I think it is flagrantly wrong for us to look down on Indians for years, especially after our blessing/ curse oil era.

Before the discovery of oil, India was the destination of trade, civilization and progress for Kuwait and its unprejudiced people.

Deep-rooted Kuwaiti families resided in that country. It is enough to mention that India was the travel and tourist destination for the elite of Kuwait.

This is manifested in the pictures of the father of Kuwait’s renascence and beloved democracy — the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem — in that country; during ceremonies and receptions, and in front of landmarks surrounded by the elite historic personalities of Kuwait.

The elites were characterized by trust, honor, truthfulness and excellence in dealing with the young before the old.

Currently, we miss such traits in this dusty era we are living in; where hypocrisy, lies, untrustworthiness and pride have become the traits of many of us, and some personalities in this beloved country that lacks firm laws applied on everyone, just like what happened to Salman Khan. All we can say about the incident is: We wish we were Indians!!


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

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