We share your pain

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

EGYPTIAN Copts, native Egyptians, we share your pain. Your pain is our pain; your blood and our blood are sacred to every Muslim who believes in One Creator and is innocent of all the reckless evil crimes committed under religious pretext by people who have been brainwashed to think their actions will lead them to paradise, when, in reality, they are going to hell.

How bad is their destiny! Egyptian Copts, people of Egypt to who the Almighty Allah said “Enter Egypt, if Allah wills, safely” — Quran 12:99; the people who grandly welcomed Amro bin Al-Aas to rescue them from the evilness of the Roman rule.

The atrocities committed in churches do not represent the characteristics of Muslims, Egyptians or Arabs. Such actions have been committed by people who do not want stability in your country. Every time Egyptians survive a calamity, another one occurs through betrayal by some people.

However, regardless of injuries inflicted, those people can never kill the peaceful and tolerant spirit that Egypt is known for since thousands of years ago. Today, Egyptians are facing a major challenge. Therefore, they should not allow their determination to weaken in the face of evil and devilish inspirations of people who are eager to see divisions among Egyptians.

The victims of the attacks on the churches are martyrs — with Allah’s will. They are martyrs who sacrificed their blood for the unity of all Egyptians. For those who have transgressed them, their abode is hell because their faith is an unsubstantiated illusion. Egyptians, hold tight to your unity! Muslims and Christians, the history that brought you together to live in the same nation is way bigger than any wind that blows from the den of Islamic religious deviants — those who are killing souls that Allah has forbidden to kill except in cases of justice.

Indeed, whoever is committing such crimes against the people of Egypt is doing so in order to execute political agendas set by those with malicious intentions against this major Arab State. They know that chaos will spread throughout the Arab world if Egypt falls into the tunnel of chaos. It is because of this fact that they got scared when Egyptians, in the past three years, managed to overcome every difficulty that was thrown in their way through their strong determination.

Therefore, the one who harbors hatred towards the people of Egypt is not a Muslim because he has violated the advice given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to Muslims to be kind to Egyptians. The perpetrators of this heinous crime understand very well that the well-being of Egypt concerns everyone in the Arab and Muslim worlds as it is to the Muslims and Christians in Egypt. They also know that the country has recovered from the last nail with which monstrous extremists nailed the coffin that napped at the national fabric to the extent of dividing citizens of the same country.

With perplexity, they have been watching the successes recorded by Egypt within the Arab world and the international community. This is the reason why they are struggling hard to destroy your country by creating chaos to satisfy their sadistic tendency towards frustrating your plans. Dear Egyptian Muslims and Christians, your soldiers, who were described by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as “This is the best of the armies of the earth”, have succeeded in resisting those who violated the law and religion in Sinai.

They were able to wipe out the arrowhead of terrorism and protected Egypt to remain strong as in the past. While empires were falling around Egypt, she was becoming stronger and more repelling. This Egypt cannot be defeated by the crime of devilish unbelievers. Her citizens will forever remain strong insurrectionists like the Pyramids where calls for prayers by the muezzins will combine with sounds of the church bells to fascinate ears.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Email: [email protected]
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This news has been read 8662 times!

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