We need to stimulate pain of people with conscience

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During the climax of the uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen, member of Muslim Brotherhood Tariq Al Suwaidan said on July 13, 2013, “May Allah Almighty support the uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen.”

During a TV interview he said, “I have a message to the scholars supporting the rulers who guide the people to be obedient to them, there is no obedience to the rulers.”

In another meeting, Al Suwaidan addressed the people saying, “If your rights are not given to you, you must fight and pay the price with your blood to obtain them by all means.”

On another occasion, he said in reply to a question, “I have not called for peaceful action in Libya. Muammar Al Gaddafi had to be confronted by weapons. I realized the names of some individuals of the early groups in Libya as I have trained some of them.”

The positions of Al Suwaidan towards the Arab uprising have completely changed either because of his history or because of finding out some facts which were covered.

He appeared on media stressing that he is against the uprising because they are devastating and cause damages and catastrophes to the people.

He also denied being among the founders or those who call or support uprisings either financially or militarily. He affirmed that he had nothing to do with those uprisings. I think it is part of the right of the people supporting Al-Suwaidan to be informed about the reasons behind the dramatic change in his attitudes.

Someone, identified only as (A) has obtained the Kuwaiti citizenship. He was in Kuwait Army, his wife was born in 1947 and he has 3 children. The first one, identified as (S) and the second, identified as (T) were born in 1946. Miraculously, they were born one year earlier than their mother. The second miracle is that the third son was born in 1947, the same year his mother was born.

Their affairs were exposed, and often by sheer coincidence, and it was revealed that their nationalities had been forged, so they all fled the country, but soon two of them returned to the country, after some military leaderships changed, and the third died abroad, and since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge!

Accidently, the case was found out. The three sons left Kuwait, one of them passed away abroad while two of them came back to Kuwait after some reshuffle at military institution.

The urgent question is how administration and morals in Kuwait have reached such deteriorated level. Why we have not heard anything about punishing those officials who, illegally, granted precious Kuwaiti citizenship?

How such fake documents have not been found out in the right time and how the officials did not notice the birth date of the mother and her children. How the two brothers were allowed to come back to Kuwait? Has the Kuwaiti citizenship been given to them?

Because of the absence of the institution that we can address, we only address the people who have a conscience to stimulate their reaction to what they have read and recall what was said by Chairman of the Founding Council and Chairman of the Constituent Assembly and Chairman of the Constitutional Drafting Committee, before 40 years ago, late Abdullatif Al-Ghani.

He said, Instead of making progress, the National Assembly is getting backwards because of the random granting of Kuwaiti nationality which increased the number of citizens from 120,000 to 600,000 in 20 years. According to natural increase, the number should be 270,000 just 5 percent per year.” Al-Ghanim said most of those who are granted Kuwaiti citizenship are illiterate and they have become a liability for the nation instead of benefitting the country.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 38582 times!

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