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Wednesday , August 17 2022

‘Wasel’ facing administrative crisis

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: The Government Communications Unit (Wasel) is facing an administrative crisis after about a quarter of its employees decided to return to their original workplaces due to the failure to resolve the issue on their affiliation among the concerned authorities, not to mention the possibility of stopping the payment of their allowances and other benefits in the original workplaces, reports Al-Qabas daily. These employees started working in the unit not less than two months ago with various government agencies as their main employers. They were chosen to work in Wasel with two possibilities regarding their affiliation – complete transfer to the unit or work as representatives of their respective workplaces in the unit.

The first option is most likely to happen. Wasel has about 100 employees whose main task is to deal with the users of ‘Sahel’ application. These employees have different ranks and job titles; including administrators, engineers, technicians and others. When these employees started working in the unit, it was discovered that their legal and administrative positions must be modified. The coordinated efforts of all the concerned authorities is needed to find the best option as the employees cannot continue working in the unit under different titles while receiving allowances and other privileges from the original workplaces. However, the concerned authorities failed to reach an agreement in this regard; hence, the decision of these employees to return to their original workplaces.