Warba launches the “Zakat Calculator” for its clients

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Kuwait City, Jan 25: Warba Bank announced the launch of the “Zakat Calculator”, which is a new and unique service that includes calculating the zakat on gold and Warba Bank shares at the side menu of the Warba Bank application, noting that this service is free of charge.

The Executive Manager – Sharia Department at Warba Bank, Dr. Essa Al-Qassar, reviewed the most prominent advantages of the new service, the most important of which is that all customers can benefit from the Zakat Calculator by choosing the type of classified gold karat and the number of grams hoarded so that the Zakat Calculator can calculate it immediately, and the gold prices are updated directly according to the price of Dar Al-Sabaiq for each type of gold karat available to the clients.

Al-Qassar further said that the client can know the price of gold when choosing any type of gold karat available 18/21/22/24, and the gold zakat will be calculated immediately and clearly in Kuwaiti Dinars. Adding that the customer can calculate the Zakat on Warba Bank shares in the “Zakat on Shares” box, which is specific to Warba Bank shares, so the client can choose the year in which he wants to inquire about Warba Bank shares, enter the number of shares owned, and the calculation for zakat on the shares will appear, if the zakat is paid by Warba Bank, and an immediate message will appear informing the client of that.

Al-Qassar pointed out that the “Zakat Calculator” works in the Warba Bank application at the side menu of the application that runs on the iOS, Apple Store & Android Google Play systems, where the Warba Bank application is downloaded from the store and the zakat on gold calculator service is used.

Al-Qassar stressed Warba Bank’s keenness to facilitate its clients’ access to the information they need at any time and from anywhere, which makes the Bank seek to find digital solutions that keep it in constant communication with its clients, therefore, it took the lead in offering unique and new services and products to the Kuwaiti market.

He added: “Warba Bank was the first during the last three years in many of the services and products that it offered in the Kuwaiti market, and sometimes even the first in the Gulf or the Middle East, and some of them were a surprise to competitors and customers alike.”

Al-Qassar continued, saying: “Warba Bank recently launched a distinctive set of Sharia products, services and solutions that keep pace with the Bank’s continuous endeavor to keep pace with the aspirations and needs of its clients in various aspects of their daily lives, which brings them more ease, comfort, and save their time.”

He explained that the success of these products and services was not a coincidence; Rather, it is the result of numerous studies carried out by the relevant departments based on continuous follow-up of our clients, and learning about their various points of view, whether through continuous direct meetings or through various means of communication, to learn about clients’ opinions.

Warba Bank is one of the banks that has achieved great successes in a short period, as it occupied a leading position in the field of Islamic digital banking services for individuals, and it is one of the largest local banks in the number of shareholders, and these are among the most prominent components that make the bank close to all members of society, in addition Warba Bank is considered among the 50 largest banks in the Middle East in terms of market value for the year 2023 – Forbes Middle East classification.

This news has been read 924 times!

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