“Warba” concludes its Ramadan campaign full of social initiatives and contributions

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Kuwait City, Apr 17: Warba Bank concluded its program of initiatives that was launched during the holy month of Ramadan 2024, which included many social activities and contributions aimed at daily communication with various segments of society through volunteer and charitable work, to benefit and help them.

This year’s program was filled with many activities and events, whether targeting clients or the public in general, including citizens and residents, in an effort to provide a role model in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development, and to consolidate volunteer work among its employees and spread the culture of volunteering in society.

Warba Bank formed its volunteer team consisting of a group of its employees from various departments to participate in its initiatives during the holy month. Expressing the readiness and enthusiasm of the team to carry out its duties towards society and implement various daily initiatives according to the set plan during the holy month.

Warba Bank prepared more than 6,500 Iftar meals to distribute daily and throughout the month in cooperation with the Tarahum Volunteer Team, as part of its social and humanitarian role towards the needy in Kuwait, in addition to establishing the concept of volunteering and giving among the youth participating in this initiative. In continuation of its volunteer role, the team visited more than 7 mosques in various governorates of Kuwait to provide hospitality services to worshipers during Tarawih and Qiyam prayers.

Warba Bank celebrated Gergean with children at the Avenues Mall and the orphanage, and Gergean gifts were distributed to bring happiness and joy to their hearts in celebration of this popular Ramadan occasion, which is one of the most important traditions that Kuwaiti society is proud of in all age groups. Warba volunteer team distributed the Gergean and the children shared their joy with the Team. The Bank distributed more than 5,000 gifts, which reflects the Bank’s keenness to interact with various segments of society to enhance the culture of volunteer work and social responsibility.

Warba Bank pays attention to electronic sports, so it launched two tournaments in cooperation with Rush Arena. During the holy month, a partnership was concluded with Flare Club through several sporting activities. The Bank also held two tournaments for the Warba Bank leagues (the Turf Football League) and (the Futsal Football League), which ended with an enthusiastic atmosphere and effective organization, and concluded with a brilliant success that was praised by all.

To spread awareness through social media platforms, the Bank launched a Ramadan podcast entitled: (Why Ramadan?) through cooperation with Dr. Ali Al-Rashed, and continued disseminating medical advice to Warba Bank clients in cooperation with Warah Hospital.

For the second year in a row, Warba organized for its clients the annual competition for recitation and memorization of the Holy Qur’an through the “Sad Application” for all segments of the Bank’s clients and their children, which witnessed a number of strong participations from both genders, indicating the increase and extent of attachment to the Holy Qur’an among the various segments of Warba Bank’s clients, and ultimately representing a milestone among the Holy Quran competitions in Kuwait.

Warba honored the winners of its clients and their children in the competition, and as part of its Ramadan activities and events, Warba Bank participated in part of the Iftar Cannon program, which was broadcasted on Kuwait TV daily.

The Bank also contributed by offering many prizes through the Mukhallat program on 360 FM, in addition to motivating Warba Bank clients to exercise to maintain health in this holy month, by organizing many events in cooperation with Flare Sports Club, the most notable of which was a special weight-loss competition for the employees.

The Bank also launched the “Mus’hafi” application for the Holy Qur’an, and this initiative reflects Warba Bank’s commitment to providing comprehensive services with the latest technologies that keep pace with the needs of everyone who wishes to recite the Holy Qur’an via smart phone applications.

The Bank concluded its activities by organizing Zakat al-Fiter for employees in cooperation with the Insan Charitable Society, where the employees paid their zakat in cooperation with the Insan Charitable Society, the leading humanitarian organization.

In this regard, Director Marketing and Corporate Communications, Ayman Salem Al-Mutairi, said: “The Bank’s activity in 2024 is a continuation of its annual approach in terms of social responsibility, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, and that these activities contribute to building a conscious and cooperative society in all sports, cultural and social fields.” Concluding his statement that the same approach will continue even after the end of the holy month of Ramadan and throughout the year.

Warba Bank is one of the banks that has achieved great successes in a short period, as it occupied a leading position in the field of Islamic digital banking services for individuals, and it is one of the largest local banks in the number of shareholders, and these are among the most prominent components that make the Bank close to all members of society.

This news has been read 543 times!

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