Do you want for your children the destiny of JoJo?!

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

‘JOJO’ in the title of this article is the British child who appeared on a DAESH video clip last Friday. Along with other children, he was clad in military regalia, pointing guns at head-shaven hostages who wore orange execution clothes. The hostages in the video were identified as Kurdish whom DAESH executed by using ‘jihad’ children like JoJo.

After watching the clip, the father of British JoJo said sadly, “He was brilliant, just a normal boy — always chasing bugs, going down the park. It’s been hard, we just have to carry on. It’s disgusting, he’s been brainwashed this way.”

A friend of the father said, “He was a happy boy, loving, caring, sensitive, and a pleasure to be around. I’m angry at Sally (mother of JoJo or British Hussain as she named him) for taking an innocent child who does not know right or wrong. Children can be manipulated easily. I want to know what makes a mother put her child in such a dangerous position.”

JoJo’s mother, Sally Jones, was a guitarist in an all-girl rock band called ‘Krunch’. Sally gave birth to Jonathan ‘JoJo’ in 2004. She separated from his father and married an Islamic extremist named ‘Junaid Hussain’ — an electronic hacker who is 25 years younger than her. Together, they took ‘JoJo’ to Syria where Junaid was killed in an American air strike last year.

Sally Jones appeared on social media making threats. She posted her picture carrying a gun using the name, ‘mother of British Hussain’. She said in a video that she wishes to behead all Christians using a blunt knife “twisted on the buried” Osama bin Laden.

Jones, who is 47 years old, is one of the world’s most wanted terrorists by the United Nations. When she escaped to Syria with ‘Jonathan’ (JoJo) as the father calls him, she brainwashed his son by exposing him to the terrorist organization (DAESH).

Here, I want to ring a warning bell for the fathers and mothers who are sympathetic to this ideology. We have seen them privately and publicly, from the hosts of the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque assassin to the mother of DAESH jihadists (one died and the other is in prison) and many others — on top of them is the teacher of a generation in one of the extreme ideology institutions. The teacher bragged that he slaughtered a Syrian and his children with a knife, vein by vein, and wishes to slaughter them all. It is similar to the move of Sally on her social media video clip with her ‘blunt knife’.

We should not disregard one of the young women or the bigger ones running away with their children to the headquarters of the blood-shedding organization to bestow upon us the DAESH in Kuwait version of ‘British JoJo’ who, in the ceremony of executing the Kurdish, was with other children from Egypt, Kurdistan, Tunisia and Uzbekistan. If we underestimate the blood-shedding ideology, we should not ignore the coming of ‘Kuwaiti JoJo’ in the future, God forbid!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil


This news has been read 7578 times!

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